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SINS launch their Spring/Summer 2015 collection “Travel.Live.Play”

Heyyyy! 😀

You all know that we love covering new launches and today we bring to you the Spring/Summer 2015 collection by SINS(Synonym of Indian Style) !

Bohindian (1)

About SINS

Launched in December 2013 with India Resort wear fashion week, the brand showcased its first collection in association with PETA promoting vegan fashion. With ethical fashion as its core value, SINS makes its line of apparel and lifestyle products with water less printing on vegan fabrics. The brand promotes “Anti-fur” and “Adopt a homeless dog” campaign for PETA with a percentage of proceeds going towards promoting the efforts to stop animal cruelty.


The label focuses on creating interesting merchandise from the vast ocean of textile art and weaving with lively modernist touch of digital printing, interpreted from bohemianism inspired by different Synonyms of Indian Style with a tinge of Indian heritage, culture, art, fashion, music and travel. The brand is divided in two segments i.e. Haute-Boheme premium line (semi-formal jackets) and Bohindian (casual jackets).

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Inspiration behind SINS

On a personal note, the desire to see new things every day is what makes us rise from the bed every morning. Human beings are alive till the moment they have some innovation left within their hearts. It is always beneficial for mortals upon earth to explore the limits of art , culture , travel, music and literature throughout their lives.

The basic essence of Sinnamon Fashions Pvt. Ltd. visualizes the Synonyms of Indian style with these salient thoughts and dreams in mind. It is intended to forever commence a new culture of Bohemianism inspired by different Synonyms of Indian Style. Its basic objective is optimistic innovation and breaking free from the shackles of socio-cultural rigidity. The Bohemian exploration is most likely to revive, rejuvenate and preserve the classical element of antiquity. The forces of Urban India are to be made urbane and urbanized.



The systematic exploration and constructive innovation in music, culture, art, dance and travel is being combined and resonated with desirable development, improvement and refinement in apparels and attires.


Theme for Spring/Summer 2015

This summer, SINS is out with it’s Spring/Summer ’15 collection called “Travel.Live.Play”, inspired by the journey of Bohemian traveler transitioning from being sophisticated to a nomad by capturing the travel lengths and breadths that was discovered, the elements of Indian art, culture and heritage that has entailed SINS to develop the artworks which becomes the melting pot of thoughts and aspirations

All pictures in this post are pieces from the “Travel.Live.Play” collection 🙂

Haute Boheme (1)




The collection was so fresh and young for today’s youth that I wanted to know about the founders! And this is what I found 😀

Shikhar Vaidya:

An award winning graduate in Fashion Technology from NIFT Mumbai started his journey in media and fashion right from his high school in Bhopal. With avid interest in electronic and print media ,the foundation for a career in a creative plus technical field came from his early experiences as an RJ VJ hunt winner and a dozen internships in fashion marketing, apparel production,event management, fashion styling, fashion buying ,design assistance to name a few. Over a duration of 4 years, the amalgamation of experience and lurking passion to create, led the young lad to start his own company in 2013 with SINS as his brainchild and begin his journey in the business of fashion.

Smriti Dubey:

A Post Graduate in Master of Fashion Management from NIFT Mumbai and a graduate in BSc. Computer Science Honours from Delhi University, the award winning performer and dancer received the best of both worlds. Throughout graduation an intrinsic interest in fashion trends inspired her to bag place in NIFT. With the aspiration of moving ahead in the field and experiencing the panoramic new world of fashion slowly and steadily, Smriti associated with the high end luxury boutique “ENSEMBLE” during her internship and prepared a multitude of marketing projects before working with “Bombay Electric” for an year. Sharing conversations and passion towards new creations, the versatile fashion marketer co-founded SINS taking up the Marketing-head function.

Ankita Haldar:

A fashion design graduate from NIFT Mumbai, the Dehradun born Designer started her career in fashion in 2007. Throughout her journey the star college singer dipped her toes in all aspects of avante garde fashion design which was reflected in her acclaimed design collection ” Going gaga” in 2011 which brought her much praise and subsequently led to a colourful mix of work experiences with Remanika, Global Desi and Bombay Rayon fashion limited. She joined team SINS in 2013 as the product development head of the company.



SINS Jacket

Exploring new brands and having the best of everything irrespective of whether it’s a new brand in town or an old one is what The Jeromy Diaries believes in. 🙂

We loved how SINS approach was in terms of colours, the trends and not to forget the quirkiness in their collection.

P.S. I am already crushing on those jackets 😛

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