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German brand Schott Zwiesel is in India with launch of exclusive range of high end glasses and kitchen glassware

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Anyhoo, today I bring to you the latest launch of glasses and kitchen glassware by German brand Schott Zwiesel. Schott Zweisel is a premium brand of glassware from Germany. Their high end glasses and premium kitchen glassware products are made of the utmost superior quality components finished to perfection. More than 3,000 partners from the top gastronomy and hotel segment rely on this company’s high-quality products.


ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS – Inspired by Professionals.

For over 140 years ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS is a market leader in the manufacture of glass receptacles, when it comes to lifestyle drinks and dining culture. The company meets the demanding requirements of industry professionals and domestic consumers alike. Its collaborations with top-class restaurateurs and acclaimed designers coupled with its sustainable innovative materials and products makes ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS a reliable partner in the international arena.

Passionate about perfection. Three successful brands.

Three strong brands span the entire spectrum of products serving the consumers of finest foods and drinks, and supply luxury accessories for domestic interiors. “The glass of the Professional” – the slogan of the SCHOTT ZWIESEL brand – which, with its internationally patented Tritan® crystal glass trade mark, is a world leader in the international top gastronomy and hotel segment. In 2007 the company opened a new foothold in the food and cookware segment: the long-established German brand JENAER GLAS is the household name for timeless and functional kitchen accessories made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass. ZWIESEL 1872 is the company’s lifestyle brand offering exclusive, mouth-blown crystal glass collections. Oenological expertise and excellence in design catering to professional needs and domestic indulgences all go to determining the products of the ZWIESEL 1872 lifestyle the brand.

The glass with an ecological profile

Founded in the Bavarian village of Zwiesel, ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS exports to over 120 countries. Since 2008 ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS has been certified as compliant with environmental management norm ISO14001:2004. Furthermore, according to the ecological profile all environmental influences which are relevant during the manufacturing process of Tritan® crystal glasses are measured, analysed and evaluated: This is a reliable basis in order to act environmentally friendly in highest degree even in the future. The new TRITAN® PROTECT technology, providing twice the break strength, continues writing the success story of Tritan® crystal glass.. In particular in production all signals point to sustainability: All three melting furnances were converted to the resource-saving oxyfuel technology. In this way, the company is setting a global sign for sustainable thinking and acting for the whole industry.

Glass making is a practiced art that never ceases to amaze as molten glass is transformed into exquisite shapes. The result? Elegant crystal glass accessories that are testaments to the crafts of the glass blowers and a reflection of the pleasure of living.

They had so many products and here a few I really loved 🙂


FOOD & DRINKS hot’n cool provides the perfect stage for contemporary serving. Beautiful shapes, outstanding functionality and innovative designs distinguish the products of this line, which includes double-walled tumblers, bowls and a creamer. Ice-cold desserts, hot appetizers and little culinary delicacies like soups and dips seem to float weightlessly. The thermal effect keeps hot items longer warm and helps cool foods stay fresh longer. Thanks to the double-walled construction, the FOOD & DRINKS hot’n cool products remain comfortable to the touch even when filled with piping hot beverages.

PR-QUICHE MITTEL 96507JENAER GLAS SALAD – Experiencing freshness daily

The elegant bowl sets are the perfect addition to any kitchenware and turn delicious salads and appetizers into a special treat. JENAER GLAS SALAD is completed by a multi-functional silicone lid. Matching the medium-sized and large salad bowl the lid hermetically seals these products. It is the perfect companion indoors or outdoors – the dishes are protected and remain fresh. The heat-resistant all-rounder, which serves as coaster when serving casserole and quiche dishes at table, was honoured with the DesignPlus Award 2014.








The special glass series and serving products made by SCHOTT ZWIESEL present themselves: innovative, multifaceted and of special aesthetics

(A) CONCERTO – A composition for wine enjoyment

The name reflects the harmony behind this composition: CONCERTO has bold bowl design with a sense of scale, yet it feels very comfortable in the hand. The large capacity of the goblet and smooth radii provide a distinctive look to this crystal glass series. The broad bottom of the bowl enables a generous surface for the wine to breathe.The series of six different sizes for Bordeaux, Burgundy, red wine, Chardonnay, Riesling and champagne are perfect for enjoying wine. The aromas of wines and sparkling wines are perfectly emphasised in the appropriate shapes, offering an intense enjoyment. The sparkling wine flute has effervescence points to enhance the presentation of sparkling wines. CONCERTO is equipped with the new TRITAN® PROTECT-technology. The surface finish is offering a double protection against stem breaking compared to commercial glasses, makes the glass highly scratch resistant and also protects it in the dishwasher.



(B) DIVA LIVING – Timeless Lifestyle

Classic shape, pure pleasure: The DIVA LIVING series can be easily used in daily life thanks to its convenient stem height. This crystal glass series is a perfect match for both formal and casual enjoyment of wine. The slim, sensuous, convex stems are kept intentionally short to emphasise the smoothly curved bowls. No matter the occasion or decoration, this series will work well with Bordeaux, Burgundy, Chardonnay, Riesling and champagne wines. Manufactured with the TRITAN® PROTECT technology the break resistance and durability of the glasses, particulary of the stems, has been enhanced.

PR-DIVA Living  GR 1 95202

PR-DIVA Living GR 7 95228

(C) VIÑA SPOTS – A firework for cocktails and soft drinks.

With VIÑA SPOTS we designed a tumbler series which will work with complex cocktails and long drinks as well as more simple soft drinks. In the six current colours: red, blue, green, grey, purple and amber the glasses are suitable for water/soft drinks and long drinks/cocktails. In the fashionable bar or at the party at home, they will leave a lasting impression.



ZWIESEL KRISTALLGLAS presents the series WINE CLASSICS SELECT. The eight particularly thin-walled sizes and thus being as light as a feather are optically and haptically offering the outstanding enjoyment of highest manufacturing at.

(A) WINE CLASSICS – Impressive design for the great wines of the world

WINE CLASSICS aims at an intensive and authentic sensory perception of the aromas of great wines and grants an expressive development of their taste on the tongue and palatine by it’s slightly outer lip of the glass rim. Filigree wall thickness and brilliant goblets underline the special haptics and ease of the glasses. The collection was developed in cooperation with the International Wine Institute especially for the most important international types of grape and worldwide approved wine styles. WINE CLASSICS includes glasses for red wine, white wine, champagne, sparkling wine and water. Four sophisticated champagne glasses allow the sensory balanced accompaniment of exquisite menus. WINE CLASSICS was honoured with the renowned Interior Innovation Award 2013 and the Red Dot Award 2013.



(B) JEWEL – Limited Edition

JEWEL ennobles every interior: in the same way as cut gemstones, these exclusive light objects are breaking the light in various ways and create a very special atmosphere. The coloured, multifaceted individual pieces are mouth-blown, carefully cut and high-gloss polished by hand. JEWEL conjures fantastic light reflections with three different grinding looks. The slightly inclined opening playfully evokes tension and dynamics in the group of these extraordinary living gems. The limited series emphasizes the features with the colours crystal clear, ocean blue as well as with the noble tints ruby and purple.

PR-JEWEL 96871_BrI

PR-JEWEL 96858

(C) MIXIT – Light and floristry as a sculpture

MIXIT is made of mouth-blown solitaire formally inspired by Asian buildings; it is possible to assemble towers and transparent glass sceneries. MIXIT presents design immersed in light and hand-crafted mastership in effective harmony. Smoothly curved radii and fine, but powerful aesthetics are the characteristic features of this series with far eastern touch. MIXIT was designed in four sizes and three colours. Combined on top of each other, MIXIT stages candlelight – towering on the table and sideboard – but also placed on the floor this modular concept develops its unique effect. Glass sculptures inviting to surprisingly new decorations with light and flower arrangements. MIXIT was honoured with the renowned Interior Innovation Award 2014.

PR-MIXIT 96936_BrIThese were some of my favourites from the collection! Which one did you like the best? Do let me know in the comments below. I love Jewel the most! ♥♥

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Brand website:   www.zwiesel-kristallglas.com

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