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Bangalore Fashion Week 13th Edition – Day 1 Highlights

Hi everyone 🙂

I’m sure you must be aware of Bangalore Fashion Week 13th Edition that took place between July 23 2015 – July 26 2015. And don’t tell me you don’t want to know what the trends were because I don’t believe that 😛 So we made sure we covered that for you. So sit down and relax while we share all the highlights from Day 1 at Bangalore Fashion Week 🙂

Writing just one post didn’t make much sense to me as I feel it could get too choked up so we are going to take it slow and steady 😀

So here are the highlights from Day 1 🙂

The day 1 of DF Silverline Bangalore Fashion Week 13th edition powered by Snapdeal showcased the most diverse roster of designers from every corner of the country. The day started with DREAM ZONE fashion school collections celebrating the people and places that inspired the budding designers.

Dream Zone - designers  (1)

Dream Zone collection (1)

Dream zone collection (2)

Next was Ravi Ranjan Kumar collection consisting of oversized, dropped shoulder jackets, Blazer, Kurta and Pheron. Natural fabrics were showcased in a light like never before. 🙂

Ravi Ranjan Kumar (4)Ravi Ranjan KumarRaviRanjan KmarMadhusmitha Panda – The garments are a compilation of free flowing silhouettes for both men and women, with minimalistic style infused with the creative mixture of pattachitra painting with the use of variety of fabrics. A vibrant splash of colours to the traditional fabrics was breathtaking.

Madhusmitha Panda (1) (1)

Madhusmitha Panda (2)Madhusmitha Panda (3)Priyal Bhardwaj’s“Dhristi” is an every girl dream to look like a princess in her own reflection, the collection is inspired by your mind’s eye and longing for freedom,the collection is an amalgamation of light fabrics and free silhouettes that appeals to your inner thoughts of freedom.

Priyal Bhardwaj with show stopper hrishita bhatt

Priyal Bhardwaj’ (16)

Priyal Bhardwaj’ (58)

Priyal Bhardwaj’s celebrity show stopper hrishita bhatt

Rehane’s “Feminity” was an all-time high and crowd’s favourite. A good mix of muted colours, watered down pastels & mirror work puts this designer on the most talented designer stand.

Rehane (82)Rehane (137)Riyaz & Gangji’s collection showcased a collection that would make the wearers feel the temperatures go down, visually and physically. With the coloursof light blues and mints mixed with soft prints and lights embroideries, the dapper suits with bright attention seeking fabrics and trendy cuts for the young hearts.

Riyaz Gangji (33)

Riyaz Gangji (196)


So that’s all for Day 1 of Bangalore Fashion Week 13th Edition 🙂 Whose collection did you like the most? I personally loved Ravi Ranjan Kumar’s collection ♥ So unique and quirky!

More on Day 2 very soon! 🙂

Till then,

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