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Bridging the gap between loved ones in collaboration with Picpal,a selfie collage app

Hello 🙂

How have you been?  It’s fri-yay and time to put on those high heels for that party you have been planning to attend and strut out in style 😉 And of course, click selfies 😀 Long gone are the days when we used to click a picture together in a camera or phone when we met up. Nowadays, even when friends meet – it’s the selfies they are more bothered about than a standard picture.

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For someone like me who is obsessed with selfies, it was really hard when Mr.Jeromy was far away. Yes, a long distance relationship is all of that and more. The only regret we always had was that we could never click a picture together. But technology is so advanced these days, it is amazing how everything that you want is at your service 🙂

Me and Ferrol found an app that could actually bring us closer to each other even when miles apart. We discovered Picpal, a selfie collage app! A selfie collage app? Oh well, read on to find out more…

App name: Picpal

It is available in iOS and Android.

Can be downloaded from here

At first, I was inquisitive as to how it works. I mean I have used a number of apps for clicking pictures, sharing those pictures on a social platform etc but never an app on which one can click a selfie by inviting your friend and then make a selfie collage.

Still confused as to how it works? Here’s something that could help 🙂

Picpal! This is the first app to have social content creation – all other apps out there are about social media sharing. On Picpal, you take your selfie as your friends take theirs and you all receive a collage of the selfies. So it is a real time selfie-collage chat app. Picpals can be shared, commented on and hearted just like other photo applications. Sharing can be done within the app or on Instagram and Facebook.

So me and Mr.Jeromy gave it a try and here’s the outcome of our EPIC #fail heart selfie 😛 I made a meme of it because it was just so hilarious! 😛


Anyway,Let’s first talk about the user interface:

I love the user interface of this app. I use iOS and I love how smoothly the application loads. You download the app and the first thing you would notice is the short video giving you an idea as to what the app is about. Picpals can be created even if you want to share the events that you are upto with your friends and family.

PicMonkey Collage two


So here is how it works:

Once you have downloaded the app, register on the app with Facebook (make sure you are logged in to your FB account on your phone – the app does NOT post to your FB account so don’t worry.) Click on Start button and invite your friends. If you do not have friends who are on Picpal yet, go to “Tell a Friend” in the Hamburger menu and invite friends to join Picpal. Once they are on Picpal, you can connect with them to become a Picpal friend by clicking on their contact. Then you can invite up to 3 friends to do a Picpal.

PicMonkey Collage

Take your selfie while your friend takes theirs. Picpal photos are stored in Picpal gallery


Share your picpal on Instagram or Facebook.


You can also comment on the Picpal pictures in the app.


My friend Dolly stays abroad and we meet once a year or sometimes even less than that when she comes down to India. We went a little crazy on Picpal if I may say 😛 Here are a few Picpals with her 😀


Now it’s not necessary that only those who are far away are entitled to this service, right? 😛 So here’s one with my Ms.Kerala A.K.A Selfie Queen, Ann MJ ♥


The idea of having to connect with friends and family who are scattered across different parts of the world is what makes this application unique. Unlike other apps that are just chat oriented or picture oriented, this is a combination of both.

Once you are on Picpal,the next thing you know, you would be busy inviting friends and making a selfie collage with them.

I have loved using Picpal as the UI (User Interface) is something that we always look forward to in any application.  It loads quick and it also stores your Picpals (selfie collages)making it easier to have access to all your selfies in one place. A complete must if you are a selfie addict and would want to share it with your loved ones. So what are you sulking about now?

Want to click a picture with your bestie who is miles away? Pick up that phone, download the app and get clicking! 😀

On our TJD score card,

                                  Grade                         Meaning
                                  A+                      Excellent, MUST buy!
                                  A                      Very good, worth a try
                                  B+                      Good
                                  B                      Satisfactory
                                  C+                      Go on, take a risk
                                  F                      EPIC fail! Stay away!

Picpal app scores a perfect Grade A+. 🙂

Until next time,

Ciao. ♥

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  1. Great Job!!

    1. Thank you @jatinpradhan:disqus 🙂

      1. youre welcomem /

  2. Hahaha such an epic app! Thanks so much for introducing this app to us Princess! :* <3 Going to use it so much from now! :p

    1. Hahahaha it was so much fun clicking a Picpal with you Ann :* yah! Have fun ♥ :*