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VR Bengaluru – New on the shopping destination list

Hi everyone 🙂

How are you guys doing? I’m making the most of my Diwali holiday and blogging like there’s no tomorrow 😛 And here’s wishing all our readers a HAPPY DIWALI ! ♥ 😀 May this Diwali fill your lives with happiness and prosperity! 🙂

Today I’m here to share news about a new shopping center opening up in Bangalore! Virtuous Retail, owner, developer, operator of community-centric premium Lifestyle Shopping Centers in India’s top cities, launched VR Bengaluru with a weekend based on community activities. While the grand opening of the center is slated for February 2016, VR Bengaluru opened their outdoor, pedestrianized zone, aptly named Garden City, an ode to Bengaluru’s reputation.

VR Bengaluru - Bloom Yoga 1 (3692 x 1976)


Garden City at VR Bengaluru extends the consumer environment to the outdoors and creates a seamless urban city center experience for customers. This landscaped space featuring fountains, public art, food carts, a vintage carousel and free Wi-Fi, apart from being a new urban hang out, will also act as a venue for a range of community events and activities, including artisan bazaars, weekend farmers’ markets as well as regular concerts and performances.

“Connecting Communities©” was created with a vision to create new social hubs for the urban Indian consumer. This will serve as a platform for cultural festivals, public-private partnerships and cross-border collaborations that will strengthen the local economy and enhance the city’s brand image.

The bright red iconic installation ‘I Love BLR’ celebrates the vibrant, thriving, and cosmopolitan spirit of Bengaluru. It is a homage to the city’s cosmopolitan heritage; and creates a perfect backdrop to capture memories.

VR Bengaluru - Buzzar 1 the jeromy diaries(3908 x 3012)

The weekend kicked off with a community yoga event – ‘Bloom’ which featured 4 of the favourite Yoga Schools from the city. The artisan market, ‘Buzzar’ – featured handcrafted products from artists, mavericks and designers. With a lot of popular rock bands originating from Bengaluru, the evening ended with ‘Rock and Stroll’, a rock concert which featured artist like Thermal and a Quarter, Sylvester Pradeep, Ragini Ramanathan and a whole lot more.

VR Bengaluru - Buzzar 2 the jeromy diaries(4490 x 2721) VR Bengaluru - Karaoke 1 the jeromy diaries(4511 x 2756)

To maintain the spirit of community, the second day continued with ‘Buzzar’ and the weekend ended on a high note with the karaoke night. It was an opportunity which gave the people of Bengaluru to truly let their hair down and belt out their favourites, classics and chartbusters to keep the musical mood and vibe alive.

VR Bengaluru - Karaoke 2 the jeromy diaries (3826 x 2206) VR Bengaluru - Rock & Stroll 1 the jeromy diaries(4512 x 3012)

Virtuous Retail combines global expertise and local knowledge to create high performance retail environments with strong urban connections. The company’s long term vision is to create new social hubs for the urban Indian consumer.

About Virtuous Retail:

Established in 2007, Virtuous Retail (VR) is an institutionally owned developer-operator of community oriented premium lifestyle shopping centres in India’s top cities. Virtuous Retail’s pan-India portfolio includes prime city centre locations in Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Surat and Kolkata, making it the leading platform of quality retail real estate in the country. The company specializes in combining global expertise and local knowledge to create high performance retail environments with strong urban connections.

So… Are you excited about this new shopping destination? We sure are! 🙂

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