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Style tips for this winter​ by Shankey Bhardwaj, Stylist, Fashionandyou.com

Hey guys 🙂

How have you all been? I’ve been busy prepping up for Christmas 🙂 It’s right round the corner 😀   Today, we have Shankey Bhardwaj, Stylist for Fashionandyou.com share with us a few style tips to keep in mind for winters so that we can keep it warm and at the same time, look uber chic! He says look snug and slim all at once with layering.

Winter fashion is all about ensembles that keep you warm without compromising on your perennially-high style quotient! The best way to achieve this very fine balance is to layer like a pro. The different layers of your clothing trap heat and make you feel snugger while also offering tonnes of ways of to express your love for fashion. Here are some easy tips to help you look perfectly sleek without appearing unwieldy!

1. Embrace thin layers: Instead of reaching out for one big, bulky sweater or overcoat, it’s a great idea to cover up with more than two thin layers. This approach makes you look more feminine. Cotton spaghetti topped up with a full-sleeves t-shirt and a body-hugging knit will be as cosy as it will be flattering! Pair this with jeggings and maybe cinch the waist with a belt and you’re ready to make heads turn!

winter tips layering the jeromy diaries

2. Style with over-size scarves: This is one layer that instantly makes you score more on the fashion meter. Neck-warming mufflers and scarves don’t just look really snazzy, they also help keep those parts snug where you tend to feel the coldest. A monochrome outfit coupled with a bright red, yellow or blue scarf can make all the difference to how vibrant you look on a dull, grey day.

kazo winter scarves and winter clothes the jeromy diaries x kazo autumn winter 2015 collection (3864 x 2687)

3. Cover up with capes and shawls: This winter, junk the heavy coats and get a stylish cape or shawl. A chic wrap-around cape is a total knock-out. It keeps you as warm as a blanket and makes you stand out in a room full of winter staples. A printed, detailed shawl is also an excellent choice as it keeps the cold air out and does a great job of camouflaging all the layers you’ve worn underneath.

capes and shawls winter 2015 layering tips the jeromy diaries

4. Play with summer clothes: Before you pack away those floral dresses and sheer shirts, remember that they act as a great foundation for a voguish winter look. A summer skater dress paired with a Merino wool cardigan will ratchet up your style rankings immediately! You could also play around with a flannel top and a cute mini-skirt from your summer wardrobe. The combination is sure to turn the heat up even on the coldest winter day.

skater dress with cardigan layering tips for winter 2015 the jeromy diaries

5. Rock asymmetrical hemlines: Cascading hemlines are all the rage in look books across the globe. An adroit assortment of varying lengths and drapes can look fantastic in this season. Bundle up a shirt, sweater and shrug of varying lengths with a knee-length skirt to get that perfect cascading, flowy look. To add structure and definition, replace the shrug with a crop jacket!

cascading hemlines layering tips for winter 2015 the jeromy diaries

These are some tips that could totally up your style quotient even during heavy winters!

So, what are your style tips during winters we need to know? Do let me know in the comments below 🙂

Until next time,

Ciao. ♥

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