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World Time for Women by Giorgio Monti Eau De Parfum


Welcome to The Jeromy Diaries! This is my first blog post here and I can’t express how happy that makes me feel My love for perfumes is eternal and what better way to start than with my favourite perfume from my collection


So here I have, World Time for Women by Giorgio Monti. This one was gifted to me by my Daddy dearest since he knows how much I love perfumes. He got this at the airport duty-free and now I will detail it out for you below

Product Name:  World Time for Women by Giorgio Monti Eau De Parfum

Product Price:  $85 for 100ml ie Rs.5100 approximately.

Ingredients:  In the picture below.



My take on World Time for Women by Giorgio Monti Eau De Parfum

Packaging-  For me, perfumes are not just about the fragrance but also about the appearance. If I realllly love the packaging, usually it goes into my collectibles! And this perfume undoubtedly goes into the collectibles list! <3  Just look at it! The outer cover in itself is such a thoughtful one. It sits upright in the space provided and all you have to do is close it like a lid And now about the perfume bottle! It comes in a transparent bottle with golden hues. The cap has some bling to it which definitely doesn’t look OTT. It balances it out perfectly. The cap closes with a perfect click and doesn’t leak what so ever, travel friendly! On the whole, the packaging is a win-win for me



Fragrance-  It smells of exotic flowers and vanilla! The top accords of the composition are Bergamot and red fruits that lead to the floral heart of orchid and frangipani. The base rounds the fragrance with aromas of vanilla, musk and woods.   Now, Bergamot is a fragrant fruit the size of an orange, with a yellow color similar to a lemon.  It is used in perfumery and it also has uses in aromatherapy as a digestive aid.  Frangipani is a flowering plant and is used in perfumery too. The liquid is colourless and leaves no stain on the clothes.  The fragrance is not overpowering, it is very balanced.

I apply 2-3 spritz of it and that’s enough for the WHOLE day! No kidding! This perfume lasts forever on me <3 It easily stays for 8-9 hours and after that settles down to a musky fragrance which again is soooo mesmerizing! On the whole, this is one perfume I never want to part with.  And if you’re a sucker for collecting cute perfumes bottles like me, then do give it a try



Pros of World Time for Women by Giorgio Mont i Eau De Parfum:

Travel friendly
Packaging is superb
It’s a linear fragrance- meaning it doesn’t die.
Can be worn on any occasion
Not overpowering.


ns of World Time for Women by Giorgio Monti Eau De Parfum

Not available in India
Some might find it expensive but it’s totally worth the price!






The Jeromy Diaries Verdict

I love it! I will definitely repurchase this once I’m done. I love the fact that it is mild but still leaves a lasting impression <3 The ONLY place where this would lose marks is it’s availability in India

Here at The Jeromy Diaries, we would rate every product in terms of grades.

The table would be something like this


Excellent, MUST buy!

Very good, worth a try



Go on, take a risk

EPIC fail! Stay away!


World Time for Women by Giorgio Monti scores Grade A.  Lost marks for its availability!

So since this is my first post, I would want to have an interactive session with you all.

Leave a comment below with an introduction to yourself and which your favourite perfume is!  You can also let me know what posts you would like to see


Cyaaa soon  <3


Princy  Mascarenhas




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  1. just love your blog Princy 😀 I am a perfume person… i just cant stay without them 😀 amazing post

    1. I know right! 😀 and thank you love! ♥ Do tune in 🙂

  2. uuhhmazing pics princy.love the pics more than the perfume:) by the way i m nt a perfume person:p

    1. Thank you Mona 😀 haha how come not a perfume person :O I can’t live without them! ♥