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You Go Girl

Hi everyone 🙂

It’s already Monday and we are all on  a roll again taking on the world. 😛 Um…or let’s just say, trying to get through all those meetings at work or planning a to-do list at home for the coming month. 😀 I can’t believe it’s April already. Time’s flying and how!

We take on so many roles that we tend to forget how important it is to let loose sometimes and just enjoy the present. Women are multi-taskers and the ultimate go-getters! But while doing all of this, we somehow tend to forget the smaller problems we face as women and how to address them. I’m here to talk about that the monthly visitor – oh no, I am not talking about the newspaper-wala or doodh-wala. It’s about periods! We all have heard the same ol’ jokes about periods

“Why can’t periods just last an hour, like okay, you have made your point, I’m not pregnant you can leave now”

OR memes like

“When you sneeze while on your periods”

Don’t even get me started on questions you receive if you are frustrated during that time of the month and they say ‘Are you PMS-ing?’. I would throw a chair at that person.  It’s not always PMS! *rolls eyes*

Everyone is gradually opening up to talk about periods, be it in a funny way or a serious discussion. A funny incident I remember from childhood is when my brother was 3 years old and he saw a pack of Whisper napkins that I passed on to mum who was in the shower and he saw it. Haha! He kept pestering mum asking what it was, the entire day. She was not in a position to explain a 3-year old and she told him ‘Oh love, that’s something you place on the feet like spa pedicure’. He also believed considering the fact that Whisper’s advertisement on TV was of a woman crossing one puddle to another that focused on her lower body and my brother was looking at her shoes. LOL. 😛 Within a day, my brother had opened up one pack and was skating around the house placing it on his foot. Hahahahahaha

While I understand how a 3-year old would not be able to relate at that point,  there are people who still shy away from talking about it.  I thought I should talk to you about how I dealt with this and what has worked/what not. I am not an expert at this nor a doctor who can advocate what would work for you. I can only share my experience. 🙂

new whisper ultra soft

While period cramps have been something that I haven’t faced (thanking my Mumma’s genes for it always), rashes are something that was a major concern. I have been using only one brand so far, Whisper. Rashes were still a problem though. I remember switching to different brands to see if that stopped and although the other brands had a soft napkin, it never served the purpose of a pad which is to actually prevent leakage.  I always turned back to Whisper. Only because it served it’s purpose and was comfortable (minus the rashes).

So when Whisper introduced a new variant called Ultra Soft in a pastel pink package that promises to be softer, I was looking forward to trying this out. Also, can we have a moment here to appreciate the packaging of this hamper? ♥  Whisper Ultra Soft is priced at INR 64 for 7 napkins(lesser than Whisper Ultra Clean).

the jeromy diaries x whisper ultra soft whisper ultra soft sanitary napkins the jeromy diaries

After using the Whisper Ultra variant for years now, I immediately noticed the difference the Ultra Soft variant made.  You have my word for it, it IS softer and has special soft pores that drive liquid to the core where it is locked. Whisper Ultra Soft has fresh odor free pearls that also keeps the odor at bay.

soft sanitary napkins in india whisper ultra soft whisper ultra soft price in india the jeromy diaries new whisper ultra soft best sanitary napkins in india the jeromy diariesI have used Whisper Ultra for quite sometime now and I was not ready to compromise on the length of the napkin. I like the longer lengths that ensure I can sleep peacefully without having to worry about anything. The newer version Ultra Soft has a longer length with wider back just like the older versions. Problem solved! 🙂

I FINALLY feel period rashes are something that would be a thing of the past for me now. I love the cushion/cottony effect that the Whisper Ultra Soft napkins have and would highly recommend trying it out if you suffer from period rashes caused by sanitary napkins. 🙂

Let me know what are your pain points when it comes to the monthly visitor in the comments below and I would definitely try answering them for you.

I’ll do another update on this post after a few months of regular usage! 🙂

*Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Whisper Ultra. But my review on the product is based on my personal experience and is not biased* 


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