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Shaving – how and what to use before and after shave | Gillette Venus #SubscribeToSmooth Series

Hello there 🙂

After telling you all about what my preferred hair removal method is, today I’m going to share some tips and tricks that have worked for me when it comes to shaving 🙂

gillette venus refillable cartridges the jeromy diaries shaving tips for womenWhen I started off, I was clueless as to how to go about shaving. But as time passed and with experience, I learnt how to effectively shave without causing any nicks or cuts. Read on to find out…

1) Learn to shave right: By this, I mean the direction in which you shave. Just like waxing, you should shave in the opposite direction of your hair growth. This is very effective and in one swipe, you could get a clean and close shave.

2) Before you shave, exfoliate: Okay, this might sound weird from the usual tip you get about exfoliating after shave. But yes, try this! Exfoliate before you shave. You will see how this prevents any ingrown hair or rashes. I do not recommend exfoliating after shave. That’s when your skin is sensitive and exfoliating just aggravates the fresh layer of skin free of dead cells after shaving.

3) Use a good quality razor: This is the best kind of investment you can make. Invest in a good quality razor. I have always used Gillette Venus razor so I can’t really tell about others. But this is definitely worth buying! 🙂

gillette venus how to shave tips for women4) Use a foaming shave gel: I cannot do without a shaving gel. I use Gillette Venus Aloe Vera shaving gel and I love it. I just need a tiny amount of it and it foams so well. You can also use a foaming shower gel or good old coconut oil 🙂

gillette venus shaving foam gel aloe vera the jeromy diaries gillette venus shaving foam gel gillette venus foaming shave gel the jeromy diaries shaving tips5) After shave, moisturize: This goes without saying! Moisturizing is the key 🙂 No matter what, moisturize after shave to ensure your skin gets the nourishment it needs.

6) Best time to shave: The best time to shave is when in the shower. That’s when your skin is damp and even the foaming gel lathers well.

gillette venus shaving tips for women the jeromy diaries7) Don’t wear tight clothes right after shave: I have faced consequences previously for not following this and ended up with irritated skin and itchiness. So wear breathable clothes that could let your skin breathe right after shave.

8) Change your razor after every 4 to 5 shaves:  This is such an important part of your shaving routine. Using the same blunt razor over and again could just worsen your skin condition and lead to rashes. Use refillable cartridges and change the razor after every 4 to  5 shaves.

gillette venus cartridges the jeromy diariesThese are some of the tips that I personally follow and something that could be of use to you 🙂 For more such tips, do check Gillette Venus’s app!

Before I end this series, I would like to lay down some disadvantages of hair removal creams that many use and from when I tried it once, way long back:

1) The fragrance can put anyone off. I hated it.

2) Hair removal creams can get real messy. The spatula, the cream and your hands. Not a good sight.

3) The wait  for 5 to 7 mins after applying a layer is irritating. And after waiting for awhile, when your hair doesn’t come off in a single try, that’s the end of my patience. 😛

4) Let’s not forget how time consuming it can be to apply on every single area and having to wait for it to soak and then remove. And go over and again on the same areas. 😐

5) Hair growth is thick and tends to grow faster.

With this, I end the #SubscribeToSmooth series with Gillette Venus 🙂 I hope this series helped you in a way and provided insight about shaving!

I absolutely loved taking up this challenge and documenting everything I know and feel about shaving 🙂 This is just my thoughts on shaving and it could differ from each individual.

Thank you for following up on every post on this series and for mailing in with your queries 🙂 You guys are the best!

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