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Nyx haul and my shopping experience at Cherry Culture

Hey everyone 🙂

How are you all? It’s November already and it’s all the more special to me because I’m in a very happy space right now. 🙂 Meeting someone you love after a year calls for celebrations right? And I am on celebration mode right now ♥

Anyhoo, I am a major online shopper and it goes without saying that this haul is also something I purchased online 😛 I like the benefit of shopping from home than to roam around and not find anything that I like. Yes, I have had those days where I actually go shopping and find nothing that I like. 🙁 But I am not completely against it as well because there are few days when going out and shopping turns out to be soooo much fun 😀

Okay now about the haul. I have been fascinated by Nyx stuff from a really long time. I think maybe 2 years! But sadly in India, we have no access to Nyx cosmetics 🙁 Even if they are available, they are usually over priced! So after digging a lot of reviews online, I found out a website which sells Nyx- Cherry Culture 🙂

Cherry Culture is a US based website that ships worldwide.But what I was scared of was I heard a lot of negative reviews about this site and very VERY less positive reviews. So i was super skeptical about placing an order. The fact that they accept only cards makes it even worse. -_-

So today I am going to be telling you all about my shopping experience from Cherry Culture 🙂 But please note that each person has had a different experience while shopping on Cherry Culture and you should shop at your own risk. I have heard reviews sometimes where people have paid and their package never arrived 🙁 So, please be extremely careful. 🙂

Okay so Cherry Culture has a 40% sitewide sale sometimes and I completely took advantage of that 😛 That’s how we are, aren’t we ? 😛 Any order on Cherry Culture goes through different phases like “processing”, “in progress”,”review”,”queuing”, “not finished” and “completed”.

“processing” happens when your order was placed successfully. After that, it goes through the “in progress” phase and “review” phase where your identity is asked if your order exceeds $100 or so. It is done mostly to see that the person is 100% genuine and not some spam. They haven’t mentioned clearly that the orders that exceed $100 will have a security check. But based on the research I have done, most of them have faced it with such bulk orders only. :). Mine was below $100, so there was no security review. “Queuing”  and “Not finished” occurs if your payment was not done successfully. “completed” occurs when your order is packed and shipped.

So my order went through the 3 phases ie “processing”, “in progress” and “completed”. I placed my order on September 9th 2014 and this entire process was completed by September 24th. I received an e-mail on 24th stating my order has been dispatched. I received my order at my doorstep on October 4th 🙂 Yes, it was all pretty easy. But just remember that this experience has been different for different people and I can’t really guarantee 100% safety.

Aaaaand that’s my haul 😀

Haul (1308 x 972)

The first thing in my NYX haul is this gorgeous Nyx Adorable Eyeshadow Palette.

  • It costs $7.50.
  • What I like about it is that they are neutral shades and I work a lot with neutral shades in specific.

Nyx adorable eyeshadow palette



The second one in my NYX haul is, Nyx Super Fat Eye Marker in Carbon Black.

  • It costs $10.
  • I use a lot of pens and markers because it’s wayyyyyy easier to work a cat eye or any specific eyeliner style with them than with a liquid eyeliner when I’m in a hurry. And most of the times, I’m in a hurry 😛 LOL.

Nyx Super Fat eye marker

Nyx super fat eye marker 2

Third one in my NYX haul is, Nyx Studio Perfect Photo Loving Primer.

  • It costs $13.
  • To be honest, I have never used a primer before because of the silicon factor in it. But my skin can get super oily on a whole day of activities and I badly needed a primer to control the oil factor on my face. I use it only when I have an entire day of activities and no time to wash my face and freshen up in between- like marriages or any other occasions. 🙂

DSC01712 (873 x 742)

This one is the MAIN reason for my NYX haul and why I wanted Nyx products!! Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams ♥ ♥

  • It costs $6 each.
  • This was on my wish list forever and finally got them! 😀 These are my favorite products from Nyx 🙂 I got the shades Morocco, Cannes, Ibiza and Antwerp.

Nyx soft matte lip cream

Nyx soft matte lip cream Ibiza Antwerp Cannes Morocco

Swatches of Nyx soft matte lip cream in Ibiza Morocco Antwerp Cannes

Next one in my NYX haul is this Nyx Jumbo Lip Pencil in Plush Red.

  • It costs $4.50.
  • I love this shade. It’s a super moisturizing wine red shade and is so apt for winters ♥ Pure love!

Nyx Jumbo Lip Pencil Plush Red

Nyx Jumbo Lip pencil Plush red swatch

Next is this L.A Girl eyeshadows in the shade Sterling and Dazzling

  • I have never tried anything from this brand till date and these were on sale for $1. So I randomly picked it up 😛
  • They are actually not so bad. They come with a applicator and a tiny rectangular mirror inside. In fact, they are worth the price 🙂

LA girl eyeshadows

LA girl eyeshadow sterling dazzling

Again this one is L.A Girl Mineral eyeshadows in the shade Desert and Graphite.

  • These were on sale too for $1 😛
  • Haven’t used them yet. But once I do, will post a review 🙂

LA girl mineral eyshadows

LA girl mineral eyeshadow Desert Graphite

Next one in my NYX haul is one of the most wonderful blushes ever. It is Nyx Powder Blush in the shade Peach and Apricot.

  • It costs $6 each.
  • I had heard such good reviews about this brand and they were on my lust list forever. Finally got my hands on them. 😀

Nyx powder blush

Nyx powder blush Peach Apricot

Next is this Nyx Baked Blush+Illuminator+Bronzer in the shade Spanish Rose

  • It costs $7.
  • I got this one only to use it as an illuminator for that soft glow it gives. 🙂 But I use it only on occasions because it has shimmer in it.

Nyx baked blush illuminator bronzer

Nyx baked blush illuminator bronzer spanish rose

And this last one on my NYX haul list is a complimentary gift by Cherry Culture 🙂 They sent a Cherry Culture Lip Balm in Raspberry

  • It smells divine! ♥
  • It is a clear balm and is super moisturizing. Never thought a freebie would be so good 😀

Cherry Culture lip balm

Cherry Culture lip balm raspberry swatch

So that was my first haul post on TJD 🙂 Also let me know if you would like to see haul posts because I’m not quite sure whether it’s something you guys want to see or not.

And I am super confused as to what to review first for you all. Do leave comments as to what you want me to review first and I would take that into consideration! ♥

Until next time,



Princy Mascarenhas











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  1. Nice review Princy! How was the lip cream btw? Also, It appears that Cherry Culture has moved towards only selling their in-house brand of cosmetics and NYX cosmetics aren’t available there anymore

    1. Hi Namita 🙂 Welcome to TJD! 😀
      The lip creams are a must try! ^_^ Also, I noticed that Cherry Culture is not up now since sometime. They are going to go live again only in FALL 2017 😐

  2. Have you paid any custom duty on this stuff!!!!…BTW beautiful products.. 🙂

    1. Hi Shilpa! No, I didn’t pay a single penny 😀 and thaaank you ♥
      Welcome to TJD :))

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  6. EXCELLENT…… first haul post on TJD Don’t understand why this question mark???? Surely would like to see more haul posts …..GREAT GOING…..GOD BLESS….

    1. Haha question mark cuz I wanted to know if my readers like haul posts. 😀 Sure! 🙂

  7. Woow.. That’s some haul!! ♥ I’m in love with the blush, the eye shadow pallete, the lip creams, the lip pencil and the balm.. lol that’s basically most of it 😀 can’t wait to get my hands on them 😛 Ur doing great pri.. this is some killer stuff.. 🙂 Lots of love!♥

    1. Sanj 😀 😀 ♥ thaaaank you sooo very much! :* You commenting here means a lot :* ♥ love you! :*

  8. Now that is a haul, baby!!

    1. haha 😉