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Jordana USA Powder Blush-Rouge Review

Hi everyone 🙂

Blushes are something I always love using. Today I am reviewing a Jordana USA Blush Powder in the shade Rouge, let’s have a look.

Name: Jordana USA Powder Blush in Rouge

Jordana Blush Powder Rouge

Product Description:

  • Color-True Tints for Cheeks
  • Face Looks Youthful & Refreshed
  • Accentuates, Sculpts & Contours
  • Velvety-Smooth Formula Blends Easily
  • Made In USA


It cost me $3.65 inclusive of all taxes and shipping for 2.2 gms of product. The actual cost fixed by Jordana is $2.5


Jordana Blush (525 x 509)

My take on Jordana USA Powder Blush in Rouge

I had been anxiously waiting for my parcel just because of these beauties. They are really beautiful, enclosed in silver metallic packaging with clear cap that closes with screw threads. Packaging is sturdy and travel friendly. I love the fact that no useless small brush is included because you are the one who has to pay for it ultimately and those small brushes are of no use.

Jordana Blush Rouge 2


Jordana Blush Rouge 3

The texture of the product is fine but neither too smooth nor silky. It is really well compacted and you need to swipe the brush with some effort to get ample amount of product on bristles. There is no fallout in the pan.  The shade is a vibrant peachy coral shade, although while placing the order online, I expected it to be a vibrant reddish pink from the swatches. Also, the name rouge gives a hint towards red family of colors.

Anyways, talking about the performance, the pigmentation is just average. But disappointingly poor but you of course need to work a bit to show the color on the cheeks. Not so easily blend able, the shade turned out to be slightly chalky. You need to blend it really well to avoid streaks. The finish is pure matte and it adds a pop of color to my cheeks. A perfect summer shade actually. The shade will go perfect for all skin tones, whether fair, medium or dark; you can carry it off easily. Also, it will suit both cool undertones and warm undertones. I have tried to catch the true color in the images and they match 90% of the true shade. It doesn’t clog pores or accentuate them. Just don’t forget to moisturize the face for perfect look before application. The staying time varies from 3-5 hours depending on the skin type. Like for me, it stays good four hours. For very oily skins like my sis has, it stays for maximum 3 hours and dry skins will enjoy upto 5 hours of wearing time.

Jordana Blush Powder Rouge 4


Jordana Blush Powder Rouge 5

Pros of Jordana USA Powder Blush – Rouge:

  • Lovely matte and vibrant peachy coral shade.
  • Love the cute and sturdy packaging.
  • Does not accentuate or clog pores.
  • Gives a warm pop of color to cheeks.
  • Perfect summer shade to be carried with all coral, nude and tangy lipsticks.
  • Will suit all skin tones with both cool & warm undertones.
  • Does not enhance dry patches.
  • No fallout, keeps the pan neat and clean.
  • Will not drill a hole in the pocket.

Cons of Jordana USA Powder Blush – Rouge:

  • Contains Parabens.
  • Average pigmentation.
  • Blending needs some effort; else you will result in streaks.
  • Not silky soft in texture, so hard to swipe and swatch.
  • Availability

The Jeromy Diaries Verdict

Based on TJD’s grades,

                                  Grade                         Meaning
                                  A+                      Excellent, MUST buy!
                                  A                      Very good, worth a try
                                  B+                      Good
                                  B                      Satisfactory
                                 C+                      Go on, take a risk
                                  F                      EPIC fail! Stay away!

Jordana USA Powder Blush in Rouge scores Grade B+

Well, I will say that these blushes are worth a try especially at such a cheap price tag. Beginners will love them to experiment. This shade isn’t ideally my favourite but I will try my hands on some other shades soon.

Till then, take good care and enjoy the weekend!


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  1. Zoe, sad that the pigmentation turned out to be average 🙁 When you try to work more on the blush because of less pigmentation, it would look OTT no? :/ But the packaging is gorgeous!! Superb review Zoe 😀