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Bluestone Blue Book Launch – Bangalore

Howdyyy 😀

How are you all? My week has been going great thanks to some exciting projects in hand and also, I finally learnt to snapchat 😛 Hahaha It was a nightmare to learn how it works but now I’ve been posting mini reviews and my everyday shenanigans there! I also did an un-boxing video of my Bluestone Goodies on SnapChat 😀 Add me there to see- snapchat ID: thejeromydiary 🙂

blue stone blue book launch bangalore

Anyhoo, I’m sure you guys know I was at Bluestone Blue Book launch recently! But I didn’t divulge any details as to what the event was about except for some social media updates 🙂 So today, I’ll walk you through the event and let you in with all the details 😀

bluestone jewellery at blue book launch bangalore

Before we talk about the event, a small introduction on Bluestone 🙂

BlueStone is India’s leading online jewellery brand that houses high quality fine jewellery in exquisite designs. With a user-friendly shopping experience, BlueStone is a one stop destination for everything jewellery, given any occasion. Established in 2011, BlueStone has built a large family of loyal consumers both in India and abroad. Some of the investors being Ratan Tata, Kalaari Capital and Accel Partners. A vertically integrated firm, BlueStone prides itself on an excellent customer service and distinctive craftsmanship.

BlueStone houses more than 3000 unique designs for an individual to choose from. These designs are crafted to perfection with utmost care for our customers who also have the flexibility to customize the product’s gold colour or diamond clarity to suit their needs.


bluestone blue book launch in bangalore jhumkas

bluestone jewellery jhumkas

With an in-house award-winning design team that pays great attention to detail, each piece is a symbol of perfection. Also, with its cutting edge innovation and latest technology usage, BlueStone makes sure the brilliance is well reflected in all its jewellery. The company offers some of the industry first options to its customers like the 30 Day Money Back Policy, Lifetime Exchange on all its products, BlueFew Loyalty Programme and Free Home Try On.

The brand BlueStone stands for “Pure Jewellery For Real Love” – a wide range of contemporary jewellery to trigger spontaneous expressions of love appropriate to every moment in a real relationship. We believe that the need for jewellery is a cry for romance, and jewellery is best bought in a close huddle with your loved one.

bluestone jewellery rings from blue book lookbook

bluestone jewellery chandbali

We were at the event to witness the Blue Book launch and also for the preview of their new Peacock Collection! Intricate and delicate is what describes this collection. The picture doesn’t do justice to this, like really! I instantly fell in love with it. Can’t wait to style it and show you how beautiful it really looks 😀

bluestone peacock jewellery bluestone peacock collection

Name: Blue Feather Collection
Tag Line: From the Royal Gardens
Inspiration: “Since we are all royal, in our own special ways.”

Thankfully, the event started right on time! It’s such a relief especially when you have a schedule planned for the day. It was an interactive event where we got to meet fellow bloggers and had some fun activities lined up. There was Mad Ads, Pictionary to name a few. After this, we launched the Blue Book that Bluestone has come up with recently.

So what exactly is this Blue Book?

bluestone blue book bangalore

Blue Book is a contemporary, stylish and a gorgeous Look Book that aims to showcase how the jewellery can be worn in the trendiest manner. The Blue Book, as we love to call it is a one of a kind jewellery style guide that will make sure you look a stunner from dawn to dusk! After seeing this, you may want to change your outfit “but not our jewellery”! This Blue Book captures the essential jewellery style guides for three occasions… Festive, Romance and Work Wear.

• The Blue Book is based on 3 themes – WEDDING BELLS, COSMO CULTURE and LOVELORE

bluestone goodies and bluebook

Based on these themes, different looks are created with some of the latest Bluestone jewellery. I personally love the styling and jewellery in “Coloured in Love” look under WEDDING BELLS and “Elegant Viz” under LOVELORE! 😀

bluestone bluebook wedding bells theme coloured in love

bluestone bluebook lovelore theme elegant whiz

I think it’s very creative to come up with such LookBooks for jewellery! And instead of being very regular with the book launches, having such lookbooks seldom is what makes it interesting. 🙂

So this is what I received in my Bluestone goodie box-

bluestone bluebook goodies

1) Bluebook

2) A few Bluestone Collateral

3) Cute love notes

4) Their latest peacock collection

5) Deck of King and Queen cards

6) Coasters and a cute organizer.

We went berserk at the Instabooth which reminds me, I was rather fascinated by that mooch prop 😛 Haha

instabooth at bluestone blue book launch

princy mascarenhas the jeromy diaries blogger at bluestone bluebook launch

I’ll be back soon with a post where I style my set of peacock collection! 🙂

Also, tell me what you liked most about this post? Add if you want me to style it your way, leave your comments below and I’ll definitely work on it 🙂

Until next time,

Ciao. ♥

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  1. […] sure the collection needs no introduction as I’ve been raving about them in the last post already and here’s how I styled my Royal Feather Pendant and earrings from the Peacock […]

  2. Darn.. I missed the event.. It would have been so much fun to have met all the bloggers. And yes I’m soo in love with that peacock jewelry too 🙂 You look great sweetheart! Love the blue and polka combo :* cya soon .. And waiting for you to style that earring!

    1. It would have been great if you could make it too ♥ But I’m happy I got to meet you the same evening! 😀 Thaaaank you Chai :* Soon soon! ^_^ @chaicystyleapastiche:disqus

  3. Lovely. I loved your outfit and the peacock earrings… they are sooooo cute….

    1. Thank you love :* And yes, the peacock collection is to die for! I’ll do a post super soon 🙂 @padmajatambe:disqus