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What Zest means to me

Hey guys!

How have you all been? I’ve been so worked up that I have hardly blogged from a couple of days. But today, I’m here to tell you all about the Tata Motors Zest RCB Meet and Greet that I had the opportunity to attend. 🙂

If you follow me on social media, you already know how it went with all the snaps/tweets I uploaded. But of course,I love documenting everything on my blog so here it is. But before I actually talk about the car, I want to share with you all what zest means to me. A few snippets from my life which immediately added so much more zest to what I did/do.

You know the number of times I have told you guys about a monotonous 9 to 5 job that I did/do. But that zest to come back home to blog is something I can always count on. This may sound a bit philosophical but  I believe you should do what you love with all your heart and that zest which keeps you going can take you places. 🙂 Why should you compromise on a job you don’t like doing? Why should you compromise and give up on something you love to do because ‘people will talk’? People WILL talk because you chose to be different from the rest. Unique! Yep, that’s the right word. When I come back home, all I can think of is, how can I use this day productively to write something on the blog.  Zest, in other words, that zeal to keep going is what can take you places.

tata zest cars in indiaWhich reminds me that I am totally deviating from what I decided to speak about! Yes, TATA Zest by TATA Motors. We got a test drive of the car and boy! what a beauty! 🙂

TATA Zest is positioned by TATA Motors as a zesty car which is loaded with loads of tech features, which are at par with its competitors and the car is already well known and quite popular among the young crowd of India. Who would not like to have amazing features with fantastic looks and all this within the budget?

tata motors zest pictures the jeromy diariesThe exterior of the car is very sporty and has appealing lights in the front and in the rear. It is designed to look futuristic and the styling is bold is what TATA motors has to say. It is also first in its segment to possess projector headlamps which gives the car a sharp look from the front.  Another thing prominent in the front is TATA’s signature grill with expressive and very unique ‘humanity lines’ as TATA likes to call it, which plunges into the design of the car throughout, making it look robust.

tata zest the jeromy diaries tata zest by tata motors the jeromy diariesAnother first in segment feature would be Zest’s day time running LED lights which makes it stand tall among its competitors. Last but not the least, what caught my eye is the car wheels and TATA has done great with Zest by providing 15” alloy wheels which are strong and promise an wonderful driving experience.

tata zest the jeromy diaries tata zest interiors music system the jeromy diaries tata zest connect next the jeromy diariesAs you get inside the car, the premium dual-tone interiors of the Zest are stylish, sleek and urbane designed in Java Black and Latte shades which provide a refreshing and modern feel. The two tone color of the dash board is definitely pleasant to look at. One thing which will grab your attention immediately is the next-gen 5” touch screen which is a “ConnectNext Infotainment” system developed by Harman. The best in class touch screen keeps you connected always when you are driving which also helps you control music, temperature and other voice controlled actions in the car. Advanced voice controlled actions include controls to radio, phone calls & SMS readouts when connected to your phone with Bluetooth.

tata zest interiors steering wheel the jeromy diariesThe car also has 8 speakers which exemplifies the experience of music. Another control which was completely new to me relating music was speed sensitive auto volume control, which in simple terms is that the volume of your music will be auto matched with the speed at which you’re driving your Zest. This will help cancel all the surrounding noise giving you a whole new music experience. Talking about the comfort inside the car, the car is very spacious and the seats are comforting and decent with good under thigh support, which will be definitely relaxing even during long drives.  The steering wheel is compact and sporty with basic controls mounted for easy accessibility and is designed with an ergonomic grip making the car very agile. 🙂

RajKamalTATA Zest, apart having all the entertainment features, this car also has some good proactive safety features which helps you drive the car with much ease and less worry.  The car comes with park assistance for easy parking, speed sensitive auto door locks, dual airbags and ABS too.

rcb players virat kohli chris gayle ab de villiers shane watson for tata motors zest the jeromy diariesAnd all of this, we got to experience at the TATA Zest RCB Meet and Greet #DineWithTheStars! The event started with a test drive of TATA Zest after which the evening was filled with laughter, games and fun with our zesty RCB players Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers, Chris Gayle and Shane Watson 🙂 Which reminds me, we made it to the FINALS! Thanks to RCB’s never dying zest to win the premier league 🙂 Keeping our fingers crossed  and hoping we win the finals on May 29th, 2016!

BEN_1173 BEN_1175the jeromy diaries with the rcb playersWe loved trippin in the car yeh! 😉 For people who don’t watch TV and didn’t know what I meant, watch the TVC below 😛

Go for a test drive when you can! 🙂

Rajkamal 2

Picture Courtesy – TATA motors

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