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Welcome to TJD Sreedevi ♥

Hey you! 😀

Look who we have on board! My lover and bestie Sreedevi 🙂 A perfectionist and also a fitness enthusiast, she is going to write for TJD on fitness and how important it is to stay fit!

I have known her for 5 years now and the amount of dedication she puts in everything she does is what makes me call her a perfectionist. I have seen her transform from someone who was so indulged in studies that she started gaining weight to the toned body that she has now thanks to her determination, focus and dedication. 🙂 The other day she came home and I can’t tell you how much she and my other friend ( who is equally addicted to fitness) converse about it! So I told her why not share it with the world? She was more than happy and here she is! 🙂

Welcome (523 x 230)

I want our blog to not just be about beauty or fashion. We want all elements and that’s why we have added in a lot of categories if you notice! I hope you guys enjoy reading some tips on fitness as well!

Here’s what Sreedevi has to say:

 Hello Everyone!

I consider it as a great privilege to be writing for this blog. This is my first stint at blogging and couldn’t have had a better start than writing for my bumchum’s blog 😀 .

First things first. Let me answer a couple of questions about what my articles are going to be about, what issues/concerns/interests am I going to address, so on and so forth.

About me

I am a fitness enthusiast. I am an engineer by profession. I am no fitness trainer (not yet, if I may say 😀 ). I am just a regular person who is very passionate about working out. By the phrase “working out”, I am not just referring to working out at the gym, but in general about physical training of any form. It gives me a channel to release my stress, some time all to myself, for me. It lets me draw goals and drives me to achieve those goals. My journey to fitness did not begin with a crash diet or a short term goal. My idea of fitness is life-long. The way I see it, fitness is essential for each one of us as we must learn to respect this body that has been gifted to us and nurture this gift in the best way possible. As a child brought up in a Defence milieu, I was exposed to a plethora of opportunities. From elaborate sports complexes, to access to the best of race courses and horse-riding schools and golf courses. All this gave me a platform to try my hand at the different kinds of sports, of which horse riding continues to be my favorite. It was during the two years of senior secondary that the frenzy of entrance coaching and the hurly burly of getting into a decent Engineering college put a complete halt on sorts of physical exercise. A bad idea, indeed. Although I did meet my goal of getting into an engineering college in merit, I had put on close to 20kgs in just a span of two years. My confidence hit a slump, I could no longer fit into my clothes. From a waist size 30, I had suddenly come to realize that I was a waist size 36! I loathed the trial rooms at malls. Hell, everything made me “look” fat. I finally came to accept, after three years of self denial that I had become very fat indeed. It was then that I decided to get back to my old ways, slow and steady, not just for the want of new clothes but also for a healthier and fitter self. The journey began 2 years ago, and now I am fitter, healthier and the waist size 30 again 😀

As I said, it is a journey, it is life long. So I continue to work out and explore new ways of getting better at it. This is what I am passionate about, and this is why I am here 🙂

What is this page about?

This is primarily a fitness page. I am going to write about exercise plans, address concerns regarding some of the myths related to exercising, the importance of physical training and answer questions, if any. The idea is to present my perspective on fitness and on this journey, help others discover what works best for them and how each one of us can identify what form of physical training works best for us.

What does this page not do?

All said and done, is this a page a dictum on fitness? Most certainly not. This page will only give you guidelines and ideas and answer some of those questions that have been lingering in your mind all this while but you did not know whom to ask. Each one of you will have a different take away from this page depending on what your personal fitness goals are. This is not a weight-loss page, people. It is a fitness page. And fitness is important for each one of us, irrespective of our waist size.

With that it is a wrap on my introductory article.Stay tuned for more! 😀

Sree, I hope you love writing for us as much as we love having you on board!

Much love! ♥


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  1. Nicceee 😀 Expecting more fitness tips and stuff from you 😀 All the best my love :*

  2. Wonderful achievement Sreedevi ! Appreciate your focus, efforts and dedication ! All the best !

  3. Wow wonderful Sree….all the best…love u

    1. Thank you Chechi 🙂