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Street Style feature for June 2015 – Pallavi Maddini Balaji

Howdyyyy 😀

I’m sure you all know by now from my updates on Facebook that I announced about a new segment on our blog starting from June 🙂

Yes, “Street Style” . So a little insight as to what this new segment is going to be all about!

Street Style in true sense means style of street fashion. Street fashion is when you’re walking with clothes that define you. That make the person you are. 🙂 It might be a classic white shirt and blue denims or even a haute couture that you would want to flaunt 😉 Here, we are going to bring people from all walks of life, tell The Jeromy Diaries what fashion means to them. One need not be extremely fahionable to make it to our Street Style Feature. You just need to be your best, be your true self! 🙂 You need to tell us what defines you the best and what your kinda street style is! We will photograph you even if your idea of street style is a simple kurta and pyjama or if you love to strut out in those designer wear. We want a perfect blend of simplicity and complexity ♥

So here’s our first Street Style Feature for the month of June! 😀

Pallavi Maddini Balaji 

ethnic wear the jeromy diaries

We absolutely love her sense of style and how she carries herself in absolutely anything. Be it a simple denim and top, dress or a sari – she knows what to choose and how. So here’s what she chose to wear today 🙂

ethnic kurti with leggings outfit of the day street style the jeromy diaries

Pallavi chose to go the ethnic way for this OOTD ( Outfit Of The Day) with a sequinned sleeves kurti that she designed herself. She paired it with ankle length leggings and threw in a pair of ankle strap heels and she was good to go! 🙂 Ethnic wear is never complete without some jewellery and Pallavi shined with some gold bangles and chand bali earrings that complimented her outfit perfectly! ( BTW, we are in absolute awe of that chand bali ♥) Her beautiful hair just added on to the beauty. To complete the look, she carried a sequinned clutch.

ankle strap heels and sequinned kurti

bangles and chand bali earrings traditional earrings the jeromy diaries

We did ask Pallavi a few questions about what fashion means to her and here’s what she said 🙂

TJD: What does fashion mean to you? 

Pallavi:  Fashion is wearing something comfortable yet unique. It should make you look good and add to your personality. Fashion as I feel has taken up the fast lane, mainstream society today! So I believe in changing according to the style that is evolving and catching up with the new trends in the market and adding a touch of me to it.

the jeromy diaries street style feature june 2015 pallavi maddini balaji

TJD: Tell us why you chose this attire and how you styled it.

Pallavi: For me trying different styles and being creative with the designs has been my interest! I really wanted to try something different and thats when i chose to get something done with my own design. It had to be something simple yet elegant. Of course, the kurti has been stitched with heavy sequins work on the sleeve and i added a lot of bangles which adds an electrifying touch and big earrings as well.

TJD: What are you most comfortable in? Ethnic or Western?
Pallavi: Haha I’d say both. Both have their pros and cons! And I would decide on the occasion and the places I’m visiting! There is nothing uncomfortable unless its the wrong size and bad selection of colours and patterns.
ghgf the jeromy diaries street style featured
TJD: What is that one thing from your wardrobe that you can never get bored of? 
Pallavi: Being a fashion addict and having immense love for clothes I never get bored of anything.
A pair of blue jeans is one thing I would never get bored of and let go. So damn comfortable and goes well with almost anything.
TJD: If you had to describe “Street Style” in a sentence, what does it mean to you? 
Pallavi: A blend of ones culture into the world of fashion.
Wow and we can’t agree more with the last one 😀 We absolutely love your poise and persona Pallavi. The outfit is fabulous and that’s why you are on TJD for your impeccable sense of style 🙂
aviators ethnic wear street style feature the jeromy diaries
 Thank you for being our first Street Style feature for the month of June ♥
Enjoy the piccies all of you and draw some inspiration from our Street Style features! 🙂
pallavi maddini balaji chand bali earrings and gold bangles
the jeromy diaries ethnic designs back design for kurti
sequinned clutch and aldo sunglasses the jeromy diaries street style
If we spot you and feel like you need to be featured, we will definitely approach you and make sure you get featured here. Or if you would like to tell us yourself what your idea of Street Style is, shoot us an e-mail at thejeromydiaries@gmail.com and we would love to feature you on our blog! 🙂
Until the next street style feature,
Ciao. ♥
Pallavi’s Outfit Details:
Ankle Strap heels: SOLES
Shades: ALDO
Bangles & Earrings: Commercial street
Clutch: ZOE creations
Kurti: Designed by Pallavi
Ankle length leggings: Westside

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  1. Love everything …. the earrings, bangles and heels… #awesomesauce


    1. True that! @chicpeacypink:disqus 😀

  2. Hi Ananya, yes she looks fab 🙂 Sure, we would love to! I’ll mail you soon! ♥

  3. I love Pallavis custom made kurthi 🙂 n she looks gorgeous in it 🙂
    I would love 2get featued on ur site as well..pls drop me an email ananya.kirann@gmail.com

    My First Vlog

  4. lovely 🙂 I love her sense of style 🙂

    1. We can’t agree more 🙂