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Bounjour! I’M PRINCY

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 I’m a Toronto-living blogger gal with a penchant for all things beauty, fashion & lifestyle.  You will mostly find me in town with a mocaccino in one hand and with an iPhone in another trying to make the most of every single day! I mostly post fashion, lifestyle, beauty and travel related content to The Jeromy Diaries. I love living in Toronto, am obsessed with creating content everyday on social media and when I’m not working my 9 to 5 day job which is pretty exciting as a full stack developer, you can always find me blogging.


As an Indian native, I have always felt the draw of a big city lifestyle and all of the variety that comes along with it. I used to live in India’s Silicon Valley Bangalore but when my co-founder/partner Mr. Jeromy was here in Toronto, I knew this was home. When the opportunity presented itself to live and work in Toronto I barely had to think twice before schlepping my stuff and myself to settle into Toronto.


I would describe my personal style as simple, feminine and comfortable. I often say that if there’s a rule book for Fashion, I never received my copy – I simply dress in a way that makes me feel good.  Since starting The Jeromy Diaries my style has certainly evolved, and continues to do so.


The biggest joy I get from blogging is definitely interacting with my readers;  every single comment and e-mail that  I get makes me smile!


A little about me? Think about all of the blogger clichés: I absolutely love flowers, quaint cafés, store openings and brunch. I’m also a self- proclaimed hungry girl with a wine-soaked liver, so eating out/cooking and wine are a big part of my life. If we were to bump into each other in the city I would either be developing code, drinking a mocaccino or finishing up a blog post I am working on.


Please always feel welcome to get in touch, I love meeting new people! E-mail me at thejeromydiaries@gmail.com.




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