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VLCC – More than just a slimming center #VLCCStyleStatments

Hi everyone 🙂

Hope you had a great start to your week! I have been busy juggling work and the blog to create more content here for you guys. I have taken up some exciting projects so stay tuned. Also, it’s birthday week and all I can do is think about Mr. Jeromy who isn’t here with me in India.

On another note, I recently went for a meet-up at VLCC’s wellness and beauty center in HSR Layout, Bangalore. When VLCC called the event #VLCCStyleStatements, I was curious to know why the hashtag and  the whole idea behind it. Once we were done with the discussion, I realized why. It is a beauty and wellness center that also offers various beauty services apart from slimming services.  The services range from salon services, laser & dermatology  services as well.

the jeromy diaries at vlcc wellness center bangalore


Before I start talking about the various services they offer, below is a small introduction on VLCC from their website:

“VLCC is widely recognized for its weight loss solutions and therapeutic approach to beauty treatments. They have among the largest scale and breadth of operations within the beauty and wellness services industry in India, serving consumers across 236 locations in 122 cities and across 11 countries in South Asia, South East Asia, the GCC Region and East Africa. We operate 197 Wellness Centres in India and 49 in 10 other countries and run VLCC Institutes of Beauty & Nutrition that have grown to become India’s largest chain of vocational education academies in the beauty and nutrition training segment with 69 campuses, training nearly 10,000 students annually and offering courses in multiple disciplines.”

Prior to this, I am sure all of us had the notion that VLCC =  a slimming center. I remember as a teenager, I used to see huge boards around the city with slimming consultations that VLCC used to advertise about. And I used to always think that’s the only thing VLCC offers.

But I was pleasantly surprised to find out the various services they offer apart from slimming. It was so wonderful meeting Sushmita, Category Manager – Beauty for VLCC, who blew me away with the knowledge she has about almost anything you ask regarding VLCC and the services they offer. A marketeer who knows everything about the company she represents was indeed wonderful!

The session we had with Sushmita was very informative in terms of the different services VLCC has to offer. After this session, my notion of VLCC called only as a slimming center definitely changed. They have so many beauty and wellness services that I had no idea were introduced in India. Some of them are:

Vampire Facelift: If you know what the Kardashians are up to thanks to social media, you should also know they indulge in Vampire Facelifts very often. I have seen a lot of bloggers outside India who are also opening up to this idea now.  Vampire Facelift is basically for dull and sallow skin.  Maintaining glowing skin is hard work but the much acclaimed Vampire Facelift uses A-PRP  (Platelet Rich Plasma) which is a form of blood plasma taken from your own self that has been enriched with platelets and growth factors and applied to your face with derma roller. This encourages cellular growth,stimulates healing and imparts a youthful appearance to skin.
A few other services that we spoke about were Derma Heal Eye Treatment. This is an eye filler treatment, exclusively formulated with innovative bio actives. It dramatically reduces the visible signs of ageing around eye area by instant wrinkle filling effect. The treatment has 24 hour-lasting hydration that would eventually improve skin texture and boosts radiance.

bangalore bloggers at vlcc style statements event bangalore


This informative session not only changed my perception about VLCC but also got me interested in a few services that I would like to try! I also got a few products for review from VLCC that I am yet to try. I am most excited about the Diamond facial kit actually. 😀 So stay tuned for a review on that!

And GUESS WHAT? I got you guys a coupon code that you can use to try out their services at a discount! Here is the code:


The T&C for the codes are as follows:

– 10% discount on availing any service with VLCC ( valid over and above the current discount )

– One time use

– Valid till 30th April

– Not applicable on high end Dermat services

So go and get some beauty services done. 🙂 Also, if you have already tried any of their services, let me know which one in the comments below! I love talking to you guys.

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  1. I have never tried VLCC.. and this one sounds scary 😛 I should try it out sometime though 🙂

  2. Have never actually explored VLCC properly, have had varying experiences with their products, so I am always a bit apprehensive.

  3. Damn! I missed this event! 🙁
    But got to know quite a bit about them here. 🙂

  4. I never knew these about them!

  5. Love what your wearing and VLCC meet-up was surely a very informative session.

  6. The PRP sounds exciting and scary both at the same time! 😀 Never knew it was available in India and in VLCC.

  7. I didnt know VLCC had all that!

  8. love your dress, so like a Japanese drape. <3

  9. First of all I like what you’re wearing here! Looks lovely! 😀 And secondly, this post has so many things I did not know about VLCC. Definitely going to pay a visit!

  10. Quite interesting to know more about VLCC.