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Trial room woes end with Jealous 21 Virtual Mirror

Hi everyone 🙂

How was New Year celebrations? I’m sure you made the most of it either partying or spending time with family 🙂 I have been missing on the blogging scenario from December 24th to be exact. The reason being, first I installed something on my blog back end which was spam and I could not log in. Second being we did a server migration last week to ensure you guys can surf smoothly and that got done today. Phew! Finally, I can start blogging like there’s no tomorrow. I have so much to catch up on because of this delay and so little time 😐 It was like my fingers were itching to type 😛

jealous 21 denims collection the jeromy diaries (3264 x 2448)

Anyhoo, I’ll stop ranting now and talk about  a new technology  I witnessed that makes life easier. Trust me, it does to an extent. One thing that I loathe about going shopping is standing in long queues to try on clothes. Especially when I have to only check if that piece of clothing goes well on my body shape. I was at Jealous 21 recently to experience their Virtual Mirror concept. The whole concept of having to try on the clothes virtually makes shopping such bliss I tell you! 🙂 Not that women would ever hate shopping but this would definitely make things easier.

jealous 21 virtual room the jeromy diaries princy mascarenhas fashion blogger bangalore (1532 x 2720)

So I’ll tell you how Jealous 21 Virtual Mirror works –

You stand in front of the virtual mirror where the camera identifies your face first. Then you use hand movements to select and preview the collections and categories available. There’s tops, skirts, denims – almost everything that Jealous 21 has in their store. You can browse through, mix and match to see what looks best on you. If you find something nice and you would want a friend’s opinion or your parents opinion on it, you can simply take a screenshot and send it by e-mail then and there 😀

jealous 21 virtual mirror collaboration the jeromy diaries  (2146 x 3264)

So like I said, you get an idea about what clothes would look good on you. After finding that out, you will need to give them a trial to check if it fits right.

Now, your question will be, if I have to anyway give a trial, what’s the point of  a virtual mirror?

Because, the Jealous 21 Virtual Mirror serves the purpose of not having to go to a trial room to check if a piece of clothing you picked would suit and flatter your body shape. I’m sure you carry loads of clothes, like me, to the trial room just to know if it would look good on you. This Jealous 21 Virtual Mirror helps in letting you know just that after which you can try and check to decide the fit.

jealous 21 miss universe collection the jeromy diaries (3264 x 2448)

miss universe collection jealous 21 latest launch (2448 x 3264)

While I was at the store, I got to check out Jealous 21’s latest denim collection called Miss Universe Collection. I absolutely loved the denims. They fit amazingly well and I couldn’t resist myself from getting one. Here’s a picture of what I bought. It’s a grey distressed denim. They are well known for their denim fits and if you haven’t tried, it’s time you do.

skinny miss universe collection by jealous 21 the jeromy diaries (3264 x 2448)

fashion blogger princy mascarenhas the jeromy diaries wearing miss universe collection by jealous 21 (2048 x 2048)

The wine coloured pullover I am wearing here in this outfit is from Jealous 21 Club 21 collection. I fell in love with the embellished neckline 🙂 I am eyeing a few dungarees from their collection. Also spotted some fancy pullovers and cardigans.

dungarees jealous 21 the jeromy diaries (2448 x 3264) cardigans and pullovers for winters jealous 21 the jeromy diaries (3264 x 2448) cardigans for winters the jeromy diaries by jealous 21 club 21 collection (3264 x 2448)

On the whole, I think the concept of Jealous 21 Virtual Mirror is convenient to save up on time. Anything that can make our life easier, I’m always in for it!

Go ahead, give it a try and see how it works for you! What are your thoughts on Jealous 21 virtual mirror? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Until next time,

Ciao. ♥

P.S. Considering the amount of posts I need to catch up on because of this delay from my blog back end, you might even see me three times a day here on the blog 😛

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