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Tips on what to wear at work for men

Long gone are the days when men used to dress with anything they find and didn’t bother to care how they look. Now, men also want to look good and they want to make their impression made.

“Costumes are the first impression that you have of the character before they open their mouth- it really does establish who they are”.

                            – Colleen Atwood

Our society is judgmental. How much ever you want to ignore the fact of society being judgmental, it will always judge you by your appearance and looks on the first go. It is always your appearance which is noticed and considered first and then you as a person.


There’s a saying in my profession “people buy people first” which is absolutely true I feel. The people you meet in your everyday life have to buy you as a person first. And by buy, I mean they need to feel good to be even seen with you, and later comes your attitude. Clothes play a vital role in any profession. You cannot dress up like a chef and try to sell a car in the car showroom nor can you dress up like a butcher and sell a real estate property. Every profession has its own dress code and the best is to keep it simple and yet make your style statement count and appreciable.

As it is rightly said by Mark Twain, “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on the society”.

Let’s talk about simple office wear.

Now again, there are certain rules when it comes to formal wear

  • Do not overdo it and keep it simple.
  • Dress according to the place.
  • Dress according to the profession.

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The best way to keep it nice and simple is pick a nice colored shirt maybe checkered or striped. Make sure that the shirt color isn’t too over the top and fits you perfectly. And choose a nice formal pant to go with it. Remember, fitting is everything. Even if you are wearing the best of the brands and if it doesn’t fit you well, then everything goes in vain. Well, being a man it is really not rocket science to look great, all you need is a couple of good colored shirts and trousers and you can always wear a tie. Ties are something that really gives the look a professional feel and a simple slim tie should not do any harm to your look, as long as you match the tie color well with the shirt. And talking about only two more things a man needs to be “office-ready” are his belt and shoes. Make sure that the belt color you are picking is the same as your shoe, that’s probably the only golden rule. A shoe has much more to offer than just to walk with. In case, your designation is higher in the hierarchy and on the first day of the job if you have to give a talk to your sub-ordinates, then a nice fitted blazer should come really handy for the look and should be good enough.


And another important thing which you may or may not carry is a laptop with its bag. If you happen to carry your laptop bag, make sure you don’t carry your old college bag as I would say sling leather laptop bags give more of a professional look than the college bags, at least on your first day at work.

At the end, I would like to tell you all that this is just my view and everyone has different opinions. Be comfortable with what you wear, eat healthy, live well, exercise, look good, wear good clothes and make your style statement count. 🙂

After all, you live only once!

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