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Real Techniques Mini Brush Set Trio Review

Helloooo peeps! 😀

Been gone for long? Yes, I was a bit caught up. For people who tried accessing our website mid-week, we are extremely sorry. We were working on some back-end operations this week and our site wasn’t accessible. 🙂

So today I thought I should write a review of one of the most raved about makeup brushes EVER! Real Techniques!!! ♥ If you use your fingers to apply foundation on, you would think why would you need makeup brushes? One thing I have realized in the long run is…makeup brushes=flawless finish! You can create magic with makeup brushes!

Real Techniques travel kit

Anyhoo, I got the Real Techniques Mini Brush Set Trio first to try. 🙂  I got this because it is travel-friendly and also because most of the weddings I attend are to far off places where I just can’t carry everything. 😛 So here goes…

Real Techniques Mini Brush Set Trio

For people who have no idea about Real Techniques, here is a small introduction:

Recap 2008: Sam Chapman,a makeup enthusiast, started out as a Youtuber uploading makeup tutorial videos every now and then on her channel PixiWoo. In the long run, everyone loved how Sam created magic with makeup. Nic Chapman, Sam’s sister was not far behind. She loved makeup too and collaborated with her sister…and the PixiWoo channel began to take off. The girls were the perfect team, each bringing something different to the table. Sam would use her expertise to recreate runway looks, and Nic would have fun focusing on the latest celebrity look. They were able to pioneer a new platform of makeup artistry… without even realizing that they were on the cusp of something big. Today, with millions of subscribers and hundreds of millions of views, the sisters call themselves the “grandmothers of YouTube.”

Real Techniques Sam Chapman Nic Chapman

Fast-Forward 2010: When the Pixiwoo channel had reached around 30,000 subscribers, the idea behind Real Techniques began to formulate.

Fast-Forward 2011: The Real Techniques brush collection was launched.Unbelievable brush quality was paired with professional, interesting, fun education from Sam and Nic. The launch day was memorable, as women from around the world started pouring to the website to learn more about this new brand.

Present Day 2014: The brand has taken off in the US, UK, and around the world. Sam and Nic continue to grow as top makeup artists, writing columns for national magazines and newspapers, appearing on major network television as beauty experts, and editing their own digital magazine.

And that’s their story! Pretty neat eh? 😀

Now let me talk about this cutie travel edition I got 😛

Product Name: Real Techniques Mini Brush Set Trio

Product Price: It originally costs $10. But I got it through a dealer abroad so it costed me Rs.1200.

It’s also available in India on Amazon here

Real Techniques Brushes

Product Description by Real Techniques:

Our mini brush trio is your solution for a flawless look on the go

  • mini foundation brush: use with liquid foundation or concealer to touch up throughout the day
  • mini shading brush: transform your eye shadow on-the-go from day natural to night glam
  • mini face brush: effortlessly apply powder, blush and bronzer as needed during the day.
  • mini pouch: keep your handbag spotless

My take on Real Techniques Mini Brush Set Trio

Okay, let me be honest. I never used makeup brushes! I’m someone who rarely puts on a face full of foundation. So I never found the need to own makeup brushes. Actually, I had my first encounter with foundation for my sister’s marriage. 😛 2 years back but really understood how important it is for occasions. I always used my fingers(sanitized) to apply foundation on though. But like they say, better late than never- I decided to give makeup brushes a try 😛 And I had made up my mind that if I were to invest on one, I wanted the best. So here it is 🙂

Packaging: This is probably the cutest makeup brush kit anyone can own. ♥ Makeup brushes by Real Techniques are usually color coded which makes it so much easier to identify what goes where. The pinks are face brushes, purples are eye brushes and the yellow ones are foundation brushes. I love the packaging and that goes for all Real Techniques brushes. This comes in a mini plastic pouch,which is small enough to fit even in your wallet or purse.

This mini brush set has 3 brushes inside it, each serving a different purpose. Chapman sisters made sure they gave us all the favorite brushes in one. 😀

The first one is the Mini Face Brush. I love loooove this one! It works great with BB cream,compact to powder away those oily T zones,I tried it with cream foundation and it blends beautifully! And works super awesome with blushes!!♥

Real Techniques Mini Face Brush review

Real Techniques Mini Face Brush

The only downside is that although this can be used for blushes as well as for foundation and powder, you would have to wash it after every use because if you would want to use it for touch up, the blush would totally spoil the entire makeup. One tip I can give is while travelling, once you have used the brush- clean it with makeup removal wipes and let it dry. But don’t consider this tip an easy way and skip washing your makeup brushes. LOL. This tip is just for people on the go. The bristles are super soft and don’t shed on washing.

Real Techniques Face Brush bristles

Next one is the Mini Foundation Brush. This is a flat brush which works as a concealer brush as well as foundation brush.

Real Techniques Mini Foundation Brush review

But I personally don’t suggest using it as a foundation brush. The brush is so small that it will take ages to work foundation all over the face 😛  But this one works great as a concealer for under eyes and those corners of your nose. Again bristles are soft and don’t shed after wash.

Real Techniques Mini Foundation Brush

Real Techniques Mini Foundation Brush bristles

The last one is the Mini Shading Brush. I don’t do eye makeup so often but this works great as a blending brush for that smudged out kohl look. Doesn’t work that well for filling in brows neatly. This shading brush works best with eye shadow application and creasing. No shedding of bristles after wash.

real techniques mini shading brush review


real techniques shading brush

real techniques mini shading brush bristles

Pros of Real Techniques Mini Brush Set Trio

  • All Real Techniques favorite tools in one so works great as a starter-kit
  • Travel-friendly
  • Worth the price your paying.
  • Bristles are soft
  • No shedding of bristles
  • Looks good as new after every wash

Cons of Real Techniques Mini Brush Set Trio

  • Face brush needs to be washed after every use if you use it both as a blush brush and powder brush.
  • Foundation brush works only as a concealer brush.

real techniques  brushes review

The Jeromy Diaries Verdict

On the whole, this is one starter-kit which every wanderer should own 😛 Works good for travel and even if your heading to an event where you can’t carry every makeup brush you own. 😀 It’s definitely worth the price!

On our TJD score card,

                                  Grade                         Meaning
                                  A+                      Excellent, MUST buy!
                                  A                      Very good, worth a try
                                  B+                      Good
                                  B                      Satisfactory
                                  C+                      Go on, take a risk
                                  F                      EPIC fail! Stay away!

Real Techniques Mini Brush Set Trio scores a perfect Grade A+

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  1. I traveled a lot last month. Trust me, had it not been for this trio, I would not have been able to pull of my light makeup looks, since obviously I could not carry the whole kit. Loooooove it 😀 😀

    1. I’m going to travel a lot this month 😀 Can totally see myself exploiting this one 😛 M e toooooo ♥

  2. I had never heard of the story behind the real technique’s brushes. Glad to read it. Your review was so nice and readable. Now I’m tempted to try RT’s brushes. Want to grab them asap! 😀

    1. Their story is so dreamy,isn’t it? 🙂 Thank you Dhanshree ♥ Yes do get them! Amazon has offers as well 😀

      1. Yes it is 😀 Yes I’m planning to get that stippling foundation RT brush from amazon! 🙂

        1. I’m eyeing the stippling brush too! Have been reading such good reviews about it 😀

  3. wow…. they are soooo cute and adorable … <3 love ur review dear and thank u for sharing the real techniques brushes past with us…. yayyyyy mini brushes and travel friendly…. cute

    1. I knowww Revathi 😀 They are damn cute! 🙂 And thaaank you so much 🙂