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How to choose the right lingerie in collaboration with Triumph

Hey everyone 🙂

How are you all doing? I hope you had a happy and safe Diwali 🙂

Anyhow, today I’m here to talk about a topic that needs to be discussed in general to ensure one gets it right. Yes, we talk lingerie and how important it is to get the right fit! Say the word ‘lingerie’ and I can already see a smirk on your face or shying away from it. Why shy away when it is such an important aspect to talk about? And most of the time, shying away from this topic results in making hasty and quick decisions while buying lingerie because you don’t want to stand there discussing lingerie fittings with someone you don’t know at a store.

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So, I thought I’ll discuss a few myths that need to be busted when it comes to lingerie fitting and also let you know how to choose the right lingerie. And today, Triumph will help me do that thanks to the importance they give in this regard. I have visited various stores where the experts who need to help you choose the right lingerie turn out to be misleading at times. Sometimes, it’s merely sales that they want and end up suggesting you a piece of lingerie that costs a bomb but doesn’t serve its purpose 🙂 Triumph emphasizes on this with initiatives like “Stand up for Fit” and “Finding the right one”.

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Before I start off, let me tell you that I’m not an expert at this but this is just my opinion and since I share my views on this blog about everything, I thought you should know about this as well.

Some pointers to keep in mind while choosing the right lingerie are-

how to select perfect lingerie the eromy diaries lingerie shopping

1) Choosing the wrong bra size is a BIG no-no! I’m sure you have those confusions about whether you need to opt for that 34B or a 34C. The right way to decide this is to ensure you give them a trial. The right size is usually the one that covers your entire breast and not just parts of it that you think need to be covered alone. How does it make a difference? The A, B, C and D sizing are usually your cup size. I usually see women going wrong with the cup size. If a band size(30,32,34,36etc), for example; 34B doesn’t fit you right, don’t jump to the next band size( ie 36B) . Instead jump to the next cup size to see if it fits you right ( try a 34C or 34D) See how this step makes a huge difference in choosing the right lingerie.

2) Identify your body shape and buy lingerie accordingly – This is very important in order to understand and analyze what kind of lingerie suits your body type the best. To know best, think about the regular clothes you wear to college or work. For example, do you wear cinched waist clothes or maybe tee and jeans? There’s a plethora of lingerie styles to choose from now so one is spoilt for choice. But decide on them depending on your body shape, example; if its pear shaped, lean or petite and busty. 🙂

how to select the right lingerie triumph collaboration the jeromy diaries

3) Choosing comfort over design– I know we all love getting a little experimental when it comes to choosing lingerie. Sometimes, it’s the design that we fall in love with but we forget that the material of your bra is equally important. Just because something with lace looks good, you can’t compromise on comfort. Imagine getting all itchy and uncomfortable with the most beautiful piece of lingerie you spent a fortune on! Again, I am not trying to say don’t buy sexy or expensive lingerie. I’m trying to say that choose accordingly.

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These are just some pointers I keep in mind while choosing lingerie. The perfect lingerie can dramatically improve the way you look and also make you more confident. And don’t shy away from talking to the experts at the store because it’s you who needs help. And if you want to know more suggestions about how to choose the right lingerie, follow Triumph on their FB and Twitter page where they keep updating facts that are helpful! I hope some of these tips help you decide better next time you go lingerie shopping! 🙂

Also, if you have any additional tips that you want to share with us, don’t forget to include them in the comments below! It would help me and every other reader on our blog 🙂

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