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Hello 2017!

Howdy everyone! 🙂

Here’s wishing you all of you a very Happy and prosperous New Year 2017. Let’s make this year everything we want it to be. I know my first post of 2017 is quite late. But I wanted to start this year on a good note with a wonderful collaboration and this post is all about that and more! 🙂

titan fine line collection the jeromy diaries (1334 x 2000)Before I start off with my first post of 2017, I thought I should do a quick recap of 2016 on the blog front. We got to work with some amazing brands last year as well as started talking about technology from a lifestyle perspective. However, the last four months of 2016 excluding December weren’t that good to us. We almost got hacked on our back end and had to get the site back up with multiple testing done for security. Not having to blog was the toughest for me during this phase. I stopped attending events/campaigns during this phase because I knew I could not do justice with the blog that was under repair.  December changed ALL OF THAT into a beautiful month. 🙂 December is super special to me for two reasons – Ferrol’s birthday being the first. Second, it’s that magical time of Christmas. That nip in the air and the cold foggy mornings. I rang in Christmas at Goa with my family this year. 🙂 We made so many memories and I also got to check parasailing and jet-skiing off my bucket list. I had some great sea food and didn’t want to really come back to Bangalore. I left a  part of me back there. So carefree and happy! I definitely want to go back to Goa again and again just for that.

tanishq fine line shop online the jeromy diaries (2000 x 1334)

Now that I have told you what’s been up on my end, it’s time to roll into 2017. Another year. Talking about a new year, Pantone colour of the year 2017 is Greenery. So I decided to go with hues of green in my outfit here. I bought this beautiful dress from Zara mid-October and never really got an opportunity to wear it except for the Bangalore Fashion Week.

DSC_1874 titan collaboration tanishq (1267 x 1990)

I love playing dress up. We all do. 😛 But I am always confused when it comes to accessorizing my outfit. I try to experiment once in a while with some statement accessories but my go-to accessory any day is always something simple and  elegant.  When Tanishq launched their Fine Line range of jewelry, I knew it was the kind I would love. Fine Line is an online exclusive collection by Tanishq that is designed keeping in mind the women of today who slay in almost anything they begin to pursue. 😀

the jeromy diaries fashion blogger collaboration tanishq fine line titan online (1334 x 2000) tanishq titan fine line jewelry rings the jeromy diaries (1334 x 2000)

I wouldn’t term this collection as something only the working women can try. Tanishq’s Fine Line collection relates to every woman who looks for happiness in the simplest of things. For a woman who toils everyday at home or at work. Some instances from my life would be watching my mum grin ear-to-ear when we tell her the dish she tried for the first time turned out to be tasty. When I look back over the years, I can think of many such instances. Mum used to work when we were young and I can still remember how me and my brother would make a glass of Tang and keep it in the refrigerator 30 minutes before she arrives, only to see that smile and relief on her face when she takes a sip of it when she comes home. Little moments of happiness. 🙂

Tanishq’s Fine Line collection is modern, contemporary and everything that the women of today represent. I tried on a few pieces from the collection and loved how it complimented by outfit.

I fell in love with the gold choker. Rightly described as fine line, this choker is easy to open from the front and slide it around your neck.


DSC_1874 titan collaboration tanishq (1267 x 1990) (2)

Tanishq’s Fine Line collection of rings include all gold versions as well as diamond studded version in yellow gold.  This diamond studded version was my favourite from the lot. It is simple, can be worn on any occasion and the design of the wrap around the finger is very innovative.

tanishq fine line jewelry the jeromy diaries (1334 x 2000)


Another favourite was this dainty set of earrings made of yellow gold with studded diamonds.  These earrings have a delicate circle at the center that swings lightly. 😀

the jeromy diaries x tanishq fine line jewelry (1334 x 2000)

I also fell in love with this symmetrical double band ring with contrasting colours made of yellow and white gold.

tanishq jewelry the jeromy diaries (1334 x 2000)

The entire collection is about jewelry made with clean symmetrical lines that are versatile for work, a casual girls night out or for a date with your special someone. Tanishq’s Fine Line can also be gifted to your close friends and family without having to worry about their choice as this can be worn on most occasions.

tanishq fine line rings the jeromy diaries (1334 x 2000)

Tanishq’s Fine Line collection is available online on their e-store for purchase and is not available at Tanishq retail outlets. A few more pictures from the collection to show how delicate and intricate the designs are.  🙂

DSC_1550 (3000 x 2000)

How do you like to style your accessories? Let me know in the comments below!

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Titan. My views on the collection is honest and based on my personal opinion*

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