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Decking up our house in collaboration with House This on Jabong.com – Second Series

Hellooo 🙂

There are a tonne of posts I need to catch up on because of the blog back end problem we had and of course, we fixed it by switching to our own domain server  🙂 Like they say, a few things happen for the good! So glad we switched to a server faster than the old one and let me warn you, I’m on a Blogathon right now trying to let you all know what happened in the last 15 days! 😛

red cushion covers cotton house this the jeromy diaries jabong collab (2576 x 1932)So this post was to go live on December 24 but couldn’t be done because of the blog back end issue. You will definitely notice that it has Christmas vibes to it. I decided to deck up my house in colour codes of red for Christmas right from every decorative used to the details on the Christmas tree. 🙂 You must have also seen me talking about the red bedspread my brother loved.  So our sofa in the living room couldn’t be left behind!

cushion covers shopping online the jeromy diaries (3864 x 2898)I saw these jazzy red cushion covers from House This on Jabong and thought they would go perfectly with our brown sofa. They compliment the brown velvet cushion covers we already own, don’t they! 🙂

red and brown cushion covers for sofa set the jeromy diaries (1932 x 2576)house this home decor and interiors (1932 x 2576)jabong collaboration with the jeromy diaries home decor blog bangalore (2303 x 1924)the jeromy diaries house princy mascarenhas home decor blogger (1932 x 2576)So at first, I saw these were priced at Rs. 300 each. The first thing that runs through my mind about anything sold at a reasonable price is, will it last long? I have tested it for the entire month of December and it has gone through a gentle machine wash as well. The colour hasn’t faded nor has the texture changed.

house this jabing red cushion covers (2898 x 3864)house this cushion covers the jeromy diaries (1932 x 2576)Like I’ve said before, there is no one who loves decorating our house more than my mother. The cushion covers were her selection. At first, she was skeptical thinking how the cushion covers delivered would turn out to be.  But she likes the quality these cushion covers have and how reasonably they are priced on Jabong!

cotton cushion covers for sofa the jeromy diaries x house this jabong (2898 x 3864)So what do you think! 🙂 Like what you see? If you have any questions in mind, do shoot them in the comments below and I’ll answer them for you!

Until next time,

Ciao. ♥

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