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Decking up our house in collaboration with House This on Jabong.com – Part One

Helloooo 🙂

How are you all doing? I’ve been obsessed with decking up our house these days. Did a little bit of makeover for my room and now I’m on a mission to add in fun elements to the entire house 🙂

house this collaboration the jeromy diaries with jabong (2448 x 1836)

I’m sure you must have seen a pretty picture of a christmas-y bedspread that I shared on my social media recently. Well, it was from Jabong from a brand called House This. It was a completely new brand for me so I did what I always do, found out and did a little research about the brand 😛 Here’s what they have to say:

Your home, which is your private space, needs to reflect the nuances and quirks of your persona. A House This product is not just a piece of fabric, it has been created to inspire, to allow you to express yourself. It is created to allow you to make your home an extension of you!

House This, brings together years of experience in the manufacture of home fashions and a young and innovative design team to curate the most fashionable products for your home.

house this bedspread jabong collaboration the jeromy diaries (2448 x 1836)

My little brother has finally grown up and has a new room and bed all for himself that required a bedspread which is good and at the same time not very feminine. So I got this pretty bedspread in the colour red that has bike details all over it.  Although at first look, it does seem a bit girly, on actually making your bed with this bedspread you would notice the difference. 😀  So this is how it looked 🙂

house this bedspread on our bed the jeromy diaries (2448 x 1836) house this bedspread with two pillow covers jabong collaboration the jeromy diaries (1836 x 2448)house this bedspreads home decor in collaboration with jabong the jeromy diaries (1836 x 2448)

My brother absolutely loved how it changed the entire look of the room. It added that much needed vibrancy to the room and at the same time, he didn’t have to compromise on floral and feminine bedspreads that are so common these days.

Now that my brother was happy with what he saw, the next evaluation was my mother dearest 😛 Yes, she does the quality check by observing if there is any color change after wash. Thankfully, there wasn’t any discolouration. The material of the bedspread is cotton and is thick enough so it wouldn’t tear. On the whole, the quality of the bedspread is good. 🙂

house this bedspread material and review the jeromy diaries (2448 x 1836)

I have slowly brought in home decor in simple elements and have started expressing my thoughts on the same on the blog. So this is part one of decking up my house. I’ll be back with the second series soon 😉 I hope you enjoy this series where I deck up my house with pretty pretty things and share them with you! Becaaaaause Christmas is here 😀

Until next time,

Ciao. ♥



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