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Christmas 2014 Blog Giveaway Winner :)

Helloooo 🙂

I’m sooooooo sorry I have been delaying the results of our Christmas 2014 Blog giveaway! 🙁 I was caught up with a lot of things and couldn’t find time to squeeze in this post 😛

christmas blog giveaway winner ekta

But here we are with our winner! 🙂 Congratulations Ekta! 🙂 We loved your answer the best! ♥

There was another participant whose answer we LOVED and who we thought could have won the giveaway….BUT the participant had not followed all the rules specified! When we say “share the giveaway post on Twitter AND Facebook”, it doesn’t mean you can share the post just on one platform.  It means you need to share it on both. Only when we say “Share the giveaway post on Twitter OR Facebook”, you can use any one platform. Please don’t make such mistakes again. It hurts to declare someone else the winner when the answer you have given is worth the price but you do not abide by the rules. Please,please keep that in mind the next time 🙂 Only because of that, we had to choose from the rest 🙂

Congratulations once again Ekta! 😀 Please send in your details to thejeromydiaries@gmail.com 🙂

Much love! ♥

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