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Choose an eyeliner style according to your eye shape

Heyyy everyone 🙂

It’s monday again 🙁 I loathe every monday and end up binging on loads of calories via cake or junk to drive away my monday blues 😐 Oh well, blogging on monday is what compensates for it 😛

different eyeliner style for different eye shape (2250 x 1125)

Anyhoo,I have been wanting to do this post for a really long time now. It kept delaying all the time- let’s blame my work 😛 I have had many people ask me or tell me that a certain eyeliner style looks good on others but when they try it, it just doesn’t work or look good. While some have stopped using eyeliners for that sole reason, I thought doing a post on this would help them gain confidence to experiment and know which ones suits them best.

So we all have different eye shapes – mine for example is Almond shaped. Here’s a picture to give you a clear idea so that you can easily identify which category you belong to:

different eye shapes


Now you don’t have to fret if one particular eyeliner style looks good on someone and when you try replicating the same, it looks weird or ridiculous. Like I said, always try to find every positive aspect of your features and experiment on that. You will definitely see a wonderful outcome! 🙂

For example, if you have Close-Set eyes and DownTurned Eyes like Jennifer Aniston , you would want to make your eyes look wider by drawing a Double Winged Eyeliner. 

gradient-green-double-wing-eyeliner-sIf you have Round eyes, then eyeliner of any style would look good. 🙂 Some common eyeliner styles for round eyes are:

  • You can go the “Classic winged eyeliner” way

eyeliner for round eyes

  •  Or you can go BOLD with eyeliner all over the eyes and below as well.eyeliner styles
  • Or go light with eyeliner and loads of mascara and kohl on the lower lids.


  •  Bold Winged eyeliner with some shimmer on inner corner of the eyes. And of course, loads of mascara. ♥

round eyes eyeliner makeup

  • Coloured winged eyeliners are another game altogether which you have to play no matter what! 😉

blue eyemakeup

If you have UpTurned Eyes and Small eyes, go for eyeliner only on your upper lids. This opens up your eyes and makes them look bigger. Avoid eyeliner on your inner rims as it tends to make your eyes look even smaller.



Or you can apply eyeliner only on upper lashline and it would give an illusion of thicker lashes.

eyeliner for small eyesFor people whose eye shape is Monolids, you need to go really thick with the winged eyeliner on your upper lid to create an illusion of eyes lifted up.


eyeliner style for monolids

Some coloured eyeliner styles for monolids

monolids eyeliner style

If you have Almond Shaped eyes like mine, then you can experiment with any kind of eyeliners and you wouldn’t go wrong! 😀

Some eyeliner styles for almond eyes include:

almond eyes eyeliner eyes

Also, drawing on the inner rim of the eyes will accentuate the beautiful shape of your eyes. Try it! 🙂

almond eyes


almond eyes eye makeup

And the last part being Hooded EyeLids – You need to focus on loads of mascara to open up your eyes.

Some eyeliner styles for hooded eyes:

eyeliner style for hooded lids Also, people with hooded eyes should work more with the eyeliner on only the outer part of your upper eyelid.

hooded eyes eyeliner tips

Winged eyeliner tapered downwards also is a great option for hooded eyes! 🙂

winged eyeliner for hooded eyes

And that’s some eyeliner styles you could try according to your eye shape! Always remember, comfort comes before style but never fail to experiment with looks. Who knows…you might just find a look you would want to treasure all your life 😀

So what’s your eye shape? 😛 Also, let me know in the comments below what is the next post you would want to see 🙂

Until next time,

Ciao. ♥

Picture Courtesy: Dearest Google

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