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Bio Bloom Strawberry Lip Balm Review

Hola beauties!! 😀

How have you all been? 🙂 How is your week coming along? This week was a horrid one. You ask why? Peshawar attack has literally shook me. How traumatizing! I can’t believe people can get this ruthless in the name of religion. Killing innocent souls who are future leaders?? That is what you call “being brave” ? If you are doing this “in the name of Allah”, you don’t even know the meaning behind that name then. All we can do is pray for those innocent souls and their parents to give them the strength to get through this. 🙁 It pains for me to think how a child would have been pleading his mum that he did not want to go to school that day and his mum would have forced him and sent him to school. And what would be going through her mind when she realized her son/daughter never returned home alive. 🙁

Having said that, today, I am introducing you to a new product in the market. BioBloom! With all that natural, organic tagline they have, I instantly ordered a few stuff on their website!! As I am a hoarder when it comes to lip balms, I got this BioBloom Strawberry Lip Balm🙂 Read on to find out how it fared

bio bloom products

Let me give you all a quick introduction about this brand from their website :

BioBloom started with the realization that Nature is the epitome of eternal beauty and is an endeavor to bring to you some natural ways to bring out the best in your skin, naturally! BioBloom offers products made of 95% Natural ingredients that are free from all harmful chemicals.

Product Name: BioBloom Strawberry Lip Balm

Product Price: Rs.99 for 8gm

bio bloom strawberry lip balm ingredients

Availability: BioBloom Website

Product Description by BioBloom:

BioBloom Strawberry Lip Balm that is free from all harmful chemicals like Parabens, Sulphates and Petrochemicals.


Strawberry juice, Carrot seed oil, Aloe Vera gel, Natural Bees Wax & Cocoa butter, Virgin Coconut oil, vegetable glycerine, castor oil, citric acid, sodium benzoate

My take on BioBloom Strawberry Lip Balm

With the tagline “Beautiful….Naturally”, BioBloom did its debut recently. Like how we have high expectations from every new brand, I had it too.

Packaging: This lip balm comes in a cute little transparent pot with a black twist-to-open cap. It is travel friendly and quite handy but I was a little disappointed with the sticker on top of the cap and below the pot.There are possibilities of it coming off very soon and can look ugly. 🙁 Otherwise, I like it on the whole.

bio bloom strawberry lip balm packaging

bio bloom strawberry lip balm review

Texture: It is a little sticky because of the bee wax in it. The consistency is thick and has a light fragrance of strawberry mixed with bee wax. When applied to the lips it is quite sheen. It stays well on the lips for 2-2.5 hours. I have used this lip balm for a few days now and it provides moisture to a good extent. My lips feel soft and supple.  It gives a slight glossy finish to the lips.

bio bloom strawberry lip balm review and swatches

bio bloom strawberry lip balm texture

Pros of BioBloom Strawberry Lip Balm:
• Claims to be made of 95% natural ingredients which is a plus.
• Does not contain parabens, sulphates and petrochemicals.
• Packaging is sturdy and travel friendly.
• Presence of Aloe Vera gel which helps to destroy dead skin cells.
• Presence of natural bee wax which locks in moisture.
• Presence of carrot seed oil which has anti-aging properties.
• Pocket friendly too 😛

Cons of BioBloom Strawberry Lip Balm:
• It comes in a jar, so applying it with fingers every time is quite unhygienic.
• No SPF and doesn’t protect from depigmentation.
• Needs to be applied every 2 hours, staying power is average.
• Not tinted so would be a bummer for those who love tinted lip balms.

bio bloom strawberry lip balm hand swatch

The Jeromy Diaries Verdict
I like the fact that it is natural but I would have second thoughts on buying this again. I already have 2 lip balms from this range and they would last me a very long time. I personally prefer my Maybelline Baby lips any day!. But I would use these only because it is natural 🙂
I would recommend this to ladies who love non tinted lip balms. It’s natural and worth a try 🙂

On our TJD score card,

                                  Grade                         Meaning
                                  A+                      Excellent, MUST buy!
                                  A                      Very good, worth a try
                                  B+                      Good
                                  B                      Satisfactory
                                  C+                      Go on, take a risk
                                  F                      EPIC fail! Stay away!

BioBloom Strawberry Lip Balm scores Grade B+

I bought two other products from BioBloom which I will be reviewing soon. Here’s a sneak peek as to what the products are 🙂

bio bloom products mini haul

Until next time,

Take Care. ♥

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